10 Tips For Attending A Swingers Meet!

Date 22nd May 2014 | Views  1447

I get a lot a questions from those who are wanting to get into swinging. Every week, people have a list of questions they want answered. One piece of feedback I often get is that we do some great articles on how to work out if you want to become a swinger, but there is less on what to do when you actually get there.

Well, Swingers.ie always listen to our members. This is why we have put together a ten point guide on what to do when you actually get to a swingers party, or engage in your first swinging experience.

We have no doubt that many of you out there will find it useful.

Learn The Rules

Don't rush into the lifestyle without understanding what swinging is all about. There is plenty of good information out there. Make sure you don't go in clueless, or your first experience will not be fun

Find a Couple you are Comfortable With

Finding a more experienced couple who will be able to help you on your way is very important. Usually, more mature couples have more experience in the lifestyle and can show you the ropes.


Just because you've both agreed to try out swinging, doesn't mean that swinging means the same things to both of you. It is important that you set the ground rules as to what is acceptable to each other, and don't betray that trust by going further than what is set out.

Always Practice Safe Sex

You should use protection during sex anyway, but it is even more important when you are having a number of different sexual partners. Condoms are therefore a must/

Also make sure you have regular sexual health tests.

Don't Get Wasted

Having a few glasses of wine to relax is fine. Getting blasted certainly isn't.

If you need to settle your nerves by getting drunk, then swinging is maybe not for you.

No Means No

It is perfect etiquette to just say no. You don't need to explain yourself.

Also, if you say no, don't give in to peer pressure from anyone who wants you to change your mind

Avoid Being Rude

No will do, but don't be a jerk about it. Don't be aggressive, and don't start smirking in an arrogant manner. Swingers tend to know each other, so if you get bad feedback, that will be public knowledge pretty soon.

Be Prepared

This may not be the Scouts, but follow their example. Don't presume your host will have supplied everything. Bring your own lube and condoms.

You may not need em, but it is best to have them!

Don't Overstep Your Own Boundaries

It is exciting to try new things, but never do anything that you will likely regret the next day.

Also, don't be persuaded to take photos and videos. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to see how that could go wrong in the future.

Have Fun

Your first swingers meeting is going to be nerve wracking, but just remember why you are there. It is meant to be fun so treat it as such.

Other than that, just be well mannered when you go. If you follow these rules, and find that swinging is for you, you will find that a lifetime of fun awaits!