5 Best Sex Tips for Down's Swingers

Date 18th Jul 2013 | Views  1398

There's a perhaps surprisingly lively and active swinging community in County Down, and between them they have gleaned a wealth of sex tips that can everyone something. Read on, and learn how to have better sex wherever in Down you happen to be.

1. There is no such thing as a sexual position that cannot be improved in some way by the addition of a pillow. This is especially true of the three 'classic' positions used in heterosexual sex: for missionary, a pillow under the woman's hips makes penetration deeper and more satisfying, for doggy, a pillow to lean over is more comfortable and improves flexibility (which in turn allows for deeper thrusting) and in cowgirl, a pillow under the man's hips lets the woman mount and dismount more easily, not to mention feel more 'filled' during the act.

2. It's not just pillows, there also is pretty much no such thing as a sexual encounter that cannot be improved by the addition of lubricant. Never, ever take it as 'offensive' or 'personal' if a woman isn't as wet as you for some reason think she 'should' be, just crack out the lube. These things happen. Even without an attack of accidental dryness, lube makes everything smoother and easier and means nobody will feel sore the next day and it's completely essential for any kind of anal play with the possible exception of rimming.

3. No matter how many times you might have read about it in magazines, putting a condom on someone with your mouth doesn't work. You'll end up with a mouth full of plastic-tasting lubricant and a still-naked penis. Just let him put it on himself, get it over with quickly, and return to the task at hand.

4. If one or more of you are quite large, there will be some positions you have to alter a little if they're to work properly. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed about having to make these allowances by the time you're having sex with someone they already know what size you are, after all! Adjust yourself, find positions that work for you, and have fun experimenting. This also bears true for other special requirements; if you have a disability, for example, or are trans* and would like to do something in a particular way, don't ever be afraid to speak up. You're there to have fun, after all. This is true in the Down swinging community, as it everywhere else

5. Get creative. Even if you don't have any access to sex toys, there will always be some things that you can use, scarves for bondage, spatulas or wooden spoons for spanking, anything that is an appropriate shape or size and can have a condom put on it for penetration. Use your imagination, and suddenly the world is absolutely filled with sex toys and equipment. Whatever you do, though, please do make sure you thoroughly wash everything up afterwards!