5 Tips to Improve Every Cavan Swinger's Sex Life

Date 17th Jul 2013 | Views  1448

Swinging brings with it different kinds of challenges to other kinds of sexual lifestyles. If you've been lucky enough to explore the various swingers' clubs and dogging spots in Cavan, you'll have noticed that the local swinging community is diverse and varied and here are some ideas for dealing with that.

1. Learn How Different Bodies Work

Not everyone is built the same. Some transgendered people will need or want to do things slightly differently to what many cisgendered people are used to. Those who are disabled will usually have additional concerns that they need to make known, and fat bodies sometimes have slightly different sexual needs and requirements to thin ones. Learn about how the bodies of the people you'll be having sex with function best, and everyone will have a better time. There's a solution to every sexual problem, but you do sometimes need to be willing to sit down and figure it out.

2. Figure Out What Makes You Feel Good

You'll always enjoy sex more if you know what sorts of things give you pleasure. Don't be wary of asking people if they'd do a certain thing you particularly like just be prepared to return the favour and explore their favourites! Experiment with different kinds of masturbation when you're alone, and then share your new knowledge with your sexual partners. You might also pick up a few tricks they might enjoy, so really it's a win/win scenario.

3. Work on Your Own Sexual Confidence

Amazing sex doesn't need to wait till you're thinner, or till you've figured out how to give world-class cunnilingus, or till you've found the perfect body-flattering position. You can start having amazing sex immediately, but confidence is a huge part of how to make it happen. The trick to this really is the old "fake it till you make it". If you behave as though you're comfortable in your own skin and filled with quiet confidence about your own prowess, both other people and yourself are more likely to wind up believing it.

4. Make Friends as Well as Lovers

Don't just have sex with local Cavan swingers and then vanish back into the ether, never to be seen again. Make real friends and good connections, you'll enjoy the sex more, get more involved with the community, and have a much better time overall. Plus, it means you're more likely to be invited to the exciting private parties! Make connections as well as getting laid, and everyone will have a better time and a better community to enjoy.

5. Always Put Safety First

It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye, contracts an STD or has to decide what to do about an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. No matter who you are or what you're doing, always use plenty of barrier protection and get tested frequently. For Cavan swingers, and any swinger for that matter, this is a huge priority. Check out our guide to sexual health for swingers in Ireland.