I have Erectile Dysfunction – Help!

Date 16th Sep 2015 | Views  770

In the latest of our 'ask us anything' series, we received a message today from a guy who is having a bit of difficulty in his swinging life with that old enemy, erectile dysfunction.

He has been swinging for about six months with his wife, and is struggling to rise to the occasion. This is of course embarrassing for him, and is causing issues in his relationship as his wife is having a 'full swing' whilst he isn't having half as much as fun.

He wants to know if we have any advice, and whether he should continue swinging at all? Well, this is what I replied to him.

My Response

Hi mate. Sorry to hear about all that. We have all been there at one point or another so don't think you are on your own.

Now a lot will depend on WHY you are having this problem. That will really be the key as to what you do going forward.

Now how are you feeling? Is swinging something you really want to do, or is this something you think you should be doing? Are you are getting feelings of guilt, or you find yourself more concerned about what your wife is getting up to? Now if these are real feelings and concerns as to what you are doing, then you really consider whether you continue swinging at all.

If you do want to stop, talk to your wife about it. Explain that it isn't a pleasurable experience for you and you would rather do something different to bring you closer together. Now you know your own relationship and how that will go down. To put it bluntly, if your wife kicks off then you aren't in a strong enough relationship to be swinging anyway.

However, there can be other reasons for ED. This could just be a case that you are expected to perform on demand. Contrary to what people say, not every guy is able to go at the drop of a hat. Hence this isn't that uncommon.

Now you have two option, and don't worry, one of those isn't to 'relax'. That is like telling someone who has a cold not to have a cold and he will feel better.

Option one is to watch a bit of porn or to have a play around with your Mrs before you get there, without having an orgasm of course. This will get your body ready for what is to come and may well stop any issues.

Option two is to go and see the doctor and get some Viagra. Yes, I said the DOCTOR. There are too many people walking around offering out Viagra, or what proclaims to be Viagra, and not understanding the possible health consequences. A doctor on the other hand will be able to give you a once over, and if they see fit, offer you a prescription. Don't tell them you are into swinging as they may have less sympathy. As someone who has boxed, I know that when I went in complaining about my hand I got some very funny looks.

The funny thing is, when you get less stressed about your ED, the less it will happen. Still, you need to do something to break the cycle.

One last thing you should remember is that there are things you can do even of you don't get hard. You still have a woman with you so feel free to play around.

We hope that came in useful. What advice you take will be dependent upon your motivations. Whichever route you take, we have our fingers crossed that it works out for you.