Office Supervisor busted For Swinging

Date 22nd Oct 2015 | Views  638

Ever since began, we have always been firmly of the belief that keeping your swinging and private lives separate is a good idea. Now I know that there are those who don't feel the need to do that, and for them it may work out. However, if you mix and it goes wrong, it can go VERY wrong.

Naughty Office Antics

Take this incident in America for example. Internal affairs officers for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency are questioning employees after it was alleged that a supervisor was using office time to recruit staff for swingers parties.

Apparently he approached staff during work hours in the office in San Diego and tried to get them to participate in sex parties with him and his wife, who is also an agent.

The complaint says that this has been going on for over a year, and alleges that the practice is coercive to junior staff.

Some of the employees are described as "rookie employees" who go along with it because they are apparently "intimidated, afraid or foolishly 'wow'd' thinking participation will land them a promotion," it said.

"Employees are being affected, traumatized, coerced and violated," the complaint says. "It is an abuse of authority and needs to stop."

The San Diego Union-Tribune got hold of a copy of the complaint, and is not identifying the accused ICE supervisor in case the federal investigation finds there is no merit to the claims (yes, these are just ALLEGATIONS at the moment)

The problems with this set up don't stop there

"The parties take place while their kids are watching a movie in their rooms," the complaint says. "Kids are told that mom and dad are working on a project with the other couples and not to disturb them nor knock on the bedroom door for at least an hour."

Major Problems

Now as has been said, these are just allegations. This might just be a witch hunt against an unpopular supervisor, you never know. However, it should really act as a warning to anyone who thinks about asking their sexy colleagues to join them for the evening. If it is taken wrongly, or even accepted and then regretted, then it can really blow back in your face.

That is why sites like are so vital. This gives you the chance to meet people completely separate from your everyday life. Therefore neither should ever collide.

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