Turkish Swingers Face 177 Years Inside

Date 27th Aug 2015 | Views  752

Here at Swingers.ie, we know full well that the public perception of swingers isn't always positive. Though there are definitely people who have a live and let live mentality. However, there are those who think we are all perverts. Maybe it is that old Catholic dogma, or they may just read too many newspapers? Still, things could be worse. At least we aren't swingers in Turkey. If you do it there you are going to prison for a long, long time.

Prosecutors in the country have called for sentences up to 177 years for 29 people Adana province for setting up swingers clubs, according to reports in the local media.

Police arrested 53 people on charges of pimping and prostitution in raids after getting reports that patrons were bringing in prostitutes to the parties.

Of those 53 people, 29 were charged with 15 being placed under house arrest. The others were released pending trial.

Now they are all facing individual sentences ranging from three to 177 years for setting up these swingers encounters. 177 years? Wow!

A Social Media Platform

It appears the ringleaders are a 25 year old student and his girlfriend. It seems that they initially used social media to arrange wife-swapping parties for married couples, free of charge.

Later on they rented a luxury villa to host swingers parties to host customers, including men who didn't want to go to prostitutes.

The couple charged single men 1,000 Turkish lira (about £230, don't ask me about Euros!) for each party.

One of the suspects is a woman who claimed she took cash to support her Father, who was destitute.

Well I have no idea id there is really prostitution going on. One suspects this is just a way of destroying the swinging industry in that part of the world. But 177 years? That is absolutely brutal. If that is allowed to stand, then there needs to be some sort of campaign launched.

As ever, we will keep you up to date with the story. Hopefully a common sense approach is taken. It would be absolutely awful if they were sent down for that length of time.