Will a Guy Taste My Cum in My Wife?

Date 12th Aug 2016 | Views  603

I received a rather interesting email from one of our new users this week, and I immediately thought that I needed to share it with you all (Obviously the person will remain anonymous, but you get my point) To be fair, it was one of the more intimate questions we have had, but I imagine it was one that many of you will have wondered about at one point or another.

A Good Question

Here is what he sent.

Hi mate

I was wondering if you could help me? Me and the wife are new swingers, and although we understand the merits of safe sex in the swinging world, when we are together, we don't use condoms.

However, this has stressed us out about another guy going down on her and tasting my cum. She doesn't fancy it, and to be fair, it isn't at the top of my wish list either.

Is there a certain amount of time that you would steer clear of having sex before a meeting so this doesn't happen?

I hope you get back to me. It may sound a daft question, but is stressing us out!

This was my reply


It doesn't sound like a stupid question at all. If ever you have a question, just ask me, or post on the forum. We are happy to help.

First up, semen doesn't really have that strong a taste It wouldn't be that bad if some guy tasted you. It isn't the same as him sucking you off, there are woman juices in there also.

Still, if you really want to stick clear, most leakage will happen in the first few minutes, so by 30 mins to an hour you should be in the clear. I'm pretty sure you won't be having sex in the hour before you swing, unless you really are the horniest person in the world.

So as Frankie Goes to Hollywood would say, relax! It really isn't issue!

Good luck in your swinging anyway. Great to have you on board.

Any Further Questions?

Well, there you go. I hope it was useful for all of you as well. If you have anything you would like to ask me, just give me a message. I am happy to feature your question on here!

Until then, happy swinging!