A Guide to Sensible Dogging

Date 8th Oct 2015 | Views  1071

Here at Swingers.ie, we have numerous doggers on our pages. Actually, we should really be called Swingersanddoggers.ie, but that would sound shit.

One of the worst conversations we can ever have is when a dogging location is closed down. It happens more often that you would think, with police sending patrol cars round often enough that people realise that it isn't worth going there.

What we usually get asked is 'why can't the police leave us alone?' and 'why are members of the public moaning about it?'. Well, what I have to say in reply is, there are doggers out there who just aren't very subtle and bring about unwanted attention.

An Area Ruined

Take this example from over in England. Users of a rural Doncaster beauty spot claim their special area is being ruined by litter, vandalism and dogging.

Howell Wood has been a popular haunt for picnics and dog walkers for years. However, the area has now begun to deteriorate, and one of the reasons is sex litter being left around the place, as well as people bring allowed into a deep pit which was regarded as dangerous (although this has now been closed)

On top of that, there are complaints that people are being caught having sex, which obviously isn't going to impress someone trying to get fresh air with his or her family.

Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that this will now bring heat down on the Doncaster doggers. To be fair, it isn't much of a surprise.

Helpful Tips

There are two main ways to not bring unwanted attention on your favourite dogging area. One is to do it at a time where no other users are going to be there. That means going at a time where kids will be in bed, and those who are regarded as normal people will be curled up with a hot chocolate. This reduces the chances of members of the public walking in on you and getting upset.

Also, clean up after yourself. We have a lot of experienced doggers on here and even they get pissed off with fellow doggers leaving their condoms all over the show. If they get annoyed about their favourite dogging location getting messy, just think how members of the general public must feel.

Now this isn't the fault of every dogger out there. It is safe to say that Irish doggers are, for the most part, classy. However, in any walk of life, there will always be a few idiots.

So if you are dogging, follow these rules. And if you see people breaking them, have a quiet word (that isn't a euphemism for a punch up, I mean a conversation)

Hopefully then your favourite dogging location will be left well alone.