A Guide to Swingers Clubs

Date 23rd Dec 2015 | Views  815

Swinging is a lot of fun, and many of us enjoy going online to find the perfect couples to swing with. It means we can meet in private without others seeing what is going on, and it makes things a lot more intimate and intense. That is great for some of us, but others like the tried and tested methods that we used to use all of the times. Swingers clubs are still really popular now, but there are plenty of people out there who are totally unsure and uncertain of just how these swingers clubs work.

It could be that you've never been a swingers club before, or that it is so long since you've been to one that you feel you need a quick refresher on just how they work. Whatever your reasons for wanting to know, you are in the right place! Here on Swingers we have put together our definitive guide to how swingers clubs work so that you can simply read and start having fun! Got some comments on swingers clubs and other helpful tips you want to share with others? Let us know in the comment box below and join in the discussion.

The two different types of clubs

There are many different types of swingers clubs, but pretty much all of them can be split into one of two categories. There are on premises swinging clubs and off premises swinging clubs.

First there are off premises swinging clubs. These clubs are specifically for the people who want to meet others swingers, and they can visit, get talking, and then they can decide where they are going from there. Sex isn't allowed in these clubs, so it is basically a great meeting point for swingers to decide what they want to do next.

The on premises swinging clubs tend to be pretty similar to each other. Like the other type of swinging club, this one will appear as though it is your standard type of club... but this time there is something different there. They will usually have "play areas" where couples can get intimate and even have full intercourse, as this is the whole point of on premises clubs. They are more than happy for you to have sex on site, if you use the rooms the way they are all supposed to be used.

Getting into the club

While there are some swingers clubs out there that work on an "invitation by previous members only" basis, a lot of them are open and accepting to people who just turn up, but some people have an easier time getting in than others.

Couples, as you can imagine, have the easiest time getting in. The clubs have been specifically created for couples, so it makes sense that they would be the ones most accepted through the doors. They can simply turn up and be allowed entry.

The same goes for single women. Single women are usually in high demand at swinging clubs, and so they will also find it easy to get in. They might want to dress up a little more to attract attention once they get into the club, but they shouldn't have too much trouble getting through the front doors.

For men, it is a little more challenging. A lot of swinging clubs have restrictions on the numbers of single men they allow in, as if they didn't it would just turn into a sausage fest. Other clubs have nights where single men are allowed it, but other nights when it is couples only. If you are a single man hoping to get involved in swinging, you might find it a little more challenging.

Getting into the club

First of all we recommend that, if you do choose to go to a swinging club with someone, it is someone you are seriously involved with. If you are a single man, don't just get a woman to go with you as a ticket. The community tends not to look too favourably on this behaviour as it seems almost as though you just aren't serious about it.

When you have figured out the club you want to go to, do a little research. It might be they have special nights you'd love to attend with your kinky partner, and so you can then arrange a date and meet up on those days specifically for some fun at the club!

As for how to dress, the ladies can dress up as sexy as she wants to in order to attract attention, while men are expected to at least be wearing smart-casual clothes. A t-shirt, jeans, and trainers just won't cut it in a lot of clubs, so dress to impress!

A lot of clubs expect you to become a member when you turn up, so make sure you know the fees you are expected to pay and just what your membership will get you. If you aren't sure, you can always request a tour of the facilities to see if it is definitely for you.

Why we love swingers clubs

Swingers clubs are a great place to meet other swingers. You know that the people at the club will be totally serious about swinging and, if you aren't sure you want to go ahead with what another couple is after, you don't have to. You have plenty of other great couples you can meet!

You can talk about sex openly in an environment that welcomes that kind of conversation. Usually you have to keep sex talk to a minimum when you are out, but here you are totally free to talk about sex.

If there is anything you aren't certain of, you shouldn't feel afraid to ask. The swinging community is a great one to be a part of, as there are plenty of people willing to help you out when you have questions. Just make sure you put the question across in the most respectful way and you'll be fine. You should also be aware that, when you are inside, politeness goes a long way. Not interested in something another couple has suggest to you and your partner? A simple "thank you, but we aren't interested" will work wonders.

Got some other tips you want to share? Use the comment box below and join in the discussion. Share your stories about your first time at a swingers club to help others get an idea of just what to expect when they walk in the doors on their very first visit.