Is This The Key To a New Kind of Dogging?

Date 22nd Sep 2017 | Views  216

Dogging can be a lot of fun. The fresh air, the people having sex, you can see why it is so popular. However, we all know about the drawbacks. Being in a public area, there is a chance that you are going to antagonise non doggers. This brings about police attention, and many people find their favourite dogging spot closed down.

However, a university lecturer in Cardiff, Wales, has come up with an idea that if adopted, could really help both doggers, and members of the public who don't want to see the practice.

Dr Van Zyl said she saw the activity while taking an elderly friend to a beauty spot near Cardiff to show him the ancient iron mine workings.

She said: “It was quite shocking to find lots of middle aged men watching a couple in a car. It was pretty gross. I have had incidents in the past where people have parked in cycle lanes.”

Clearly Marked Areas

Van Zyl now believes believes the local council should provide “clearly marked areas” in the city's forests and parks.

She said: “If there was a place away from people normally parking and taking their kids out, where people who wanted to avoid being caught, it would be a sensible approach. But the council would never approve such a plan because it would be an electoral disaster.

“Personally I can't imagine anything less erotic. I just think it's gross. I have no objection in principle to consenting adults enjoying carnal activities with each other. Not even if they wish to do so outdoors with lots of people watching them.”

But she said after “stumbling unexpectedly across such activities in a public area” she believed it was time for the council to create “designated, clearly marked areas in Cardiff's forests and parks in which consenting adults can pursue their hobby without the rest of us having to see them do it”.

Dr Van Zyl added: “Imm not the only cyclist who is getting more than a little exasperated having to knock on the windows of cars containing couples energetically pursuing their hobby to politely ask them to move their car as it is blocking the cycle path.

“Clearly signposted designated spaces within our public forests and parks with dedicated parking would allow enthusiasts of outdoor sex (both as participants and observers) to enjoy their hobby without accidental interruption by those of us making more traditional use of Cardiff's outdoor spaces with our dogs, kids, bikes, and friends.”

A Great Idea

Sadly, although she has approached the council, she believes that 'open dogging zones' are unlikely to be brought in. This, though realistic, is actually rather sad. It is a case of the council being seen as being 'tough' on dogging, rather than actually doing something that can keep everyone happy. Their implied attitude is actually really counterproductive. More members of the public will happen upon such activities with the current policies.

I actually like Dr Van Zyl. She thinks dogging is a bit disgusting, but realises that she isn't the moral voice for the entire world. Her pragmatic view is what is needed. Something is going to happen, so how do we make it fun and safe for all involved, and not involved?

Even if this doesn't get taken up in Cardiff, it may well be an idea for councils around Ireland and the rest of the UK to think of this as an option.

I know for certain most doggers would welcome areas where they can engage in the practice and relax.