Advice For Single Swingers

Date 30th May 2014 | Views  1682

The swinging lifestyle can be a very difficult for a single man or woman to enter. This is of course a huge disappointment for those singletons who love the idea of meeting up with hot couples who are wanting to share the love.

There are good reasons for this however, and they are things a new single swinger will have to get over when he is venturing into that swinging world.

Some Major Problems

The first main problem comes with the fact that swinging is usually about couples sharing partners. Everyone there has something to lose, but they have such a trust level that they are willing to let their partner have sex with someone else, whilst their partner has allowed them to sleep with another person.

Compare that to a single person turning up to a swinging event, take a guy for example. He might as well rock up and shout out 'hey, have any of you guys got a wife for me to f***?' Well, some may enjoy that as an idea, but the majority aren't there for that kind of experience.

The whole idea of swinging is that there is meant to be no risk attached with the sexual relations you engage in. However, if it is a single person with a couple, then it will only be natural for the two men, or the two women to compare themselves with the other. That is another reason that single people find it difficult to start swinging.

Another issue is that many couple swingers are looking to make friends in the swinging community. It is more difficult for a couple to be friends with a single person as the dynamic is so much different.

This doesn't mean that all single guys should despair. There have been plenty of single men and women who have been accepted into the Irish swinging community. They just have to be willing to accept a number of rejections.

A Slower Burning Experience

The best way to go about making that bond is to really respect the other couples relationships. It could well be more of slow burning experience than typical couple swinging, but the single person will likely need to gain a level of trust with the other couple as the differences are huge.

Then again, you could well meet a couple who won't mind a single person entering their world. Just remember, if that happens to you, count yourself lucky. It really is the exception the rule.

If you are a single person who is struggling to get into swinging, don't be disheartened. The openings will come, just maybe not as fast as you first thought.

Just keep going!