Can Age Work Against You When Swinging?

Date 8th Jul 2016 | Views  607

Swinging is a lot of fun, but sometimes it can seem like your age is working against you. Whether you are a mature swinger or a young swinger, you might find that others seem to view you a little differently as a swinger... and you might suspect that it has something to do with your age.

It seems that your age might actually work against you sometimes when swinging, but why is that? Here on Swingers we take a look at the average swingers and why being older or younger might work against you.

The average swinger

If you were swinging in somewhere like Belgium or Spain, you would find that a number of the people you are swinging with are in their 20s. This, it seems to roughly average for the rest of the world. If you are a younger swinging, you might feel more at home here.

However, those in Ireland and in Britain will find that the average swinger isn't that age. In fact, it seems that a number of these swingers are actually in their 40s... giving them a whole twenty years on their continental counterparts.

So if you are a mature swinger, you might find that the Irish and British swinging communities are much more open to you... but those younger might struggle. Although a number of Irish swingers choose to go online to arrange hook-ups, most will still ask for your age or a picture... and if you are younger, you might be told "thanks, but no thanks".

Being a young swinger

If you are a younger swinger, you might find that others look at you a little differently. A lot of the time it is simply that people are assuming that you have very little experience to share with them. Even if you have been swinging for a few years, they might feel that your age makes you more innocent and less open to trying new things.

They might also think that you aren't as into it as you could be. They may feel that you are simply going along with the latest trend, and that you aren't as serious as the others that you meet. They don't want to get so far into the planning, only to have you turn around and decide that swinging is just not for you.

Most people, when looking for other sexy couples to meet up with, are hoping for maturity. They want a couple who won't become jealous or insecure about it. They want to know that you are comfortable talking about what you want and need. They want to know that this is right for you. So, those who are older might find that they just aren't sure you are ready for swinging yet.

A lot of the younger people on the market, looking to meet with swinging couples, tend to be single men. The sheer number of them can put others off the number of young genuine couples out there. It might also be that these couples have tried swinging with younger couples, only for it not to work out for a number of reasons.

Mature swingers

As for mature swingers, while there seem to be more of them and that time would be on their side, there are still a number of concerns people have about them.

Unfortunately, some people venture into swinging simply because they have gotten bored. They view swinging, with the consent of their partner, as the perfect chance to fuck someone else. They want to cheat and experience sex with someone new without doing it behind their partner's back.

One of the biggest obstacles that mature swingers face is the assumption that they won't have as strong or high a sex drive as others. They might also believe that older swingers are unattractive and not at all sexy, and so dislike the idea of having sex with you. Considering a lot of swingers look after and love their bodies, this is a strange idea... and yet it is one that people have firmly fixed in their minds.

Changing perceptions

Getting to know other couples online is a great way to combat these assumptions. You can all get to know each other a little better without age being the main factor, and so when you do meet up, there will be a hell of a lot of chemistry there already.

Unfortunately it can be hard to change people's assumptions about you unless you show them that they are false. If you are younger and viewed as someone not serious about swinging, show them that you are. Attend as many of the parties as you can and be a social butterfly. They will see you making connections and realise that you actually love swinging.

Mature swingers can show off their bodies at parties and clubs, showing that they definitely still have it and that their sex drive is just as good, if not better, than some of the younger ones around them. They'll see the error of their ways in no time at all!

Does age really matter?

So, when it comes to swinging, does age really matter? To some people, it does. They will have limits about their partners, deciding as a couple what constitutes "too young" and "too old" for them. However, you will find that most of these limits are soft limits.

If a couple finds you attractive, or they feel you have chemistry together, the chances are that your age won't be a fact. If you use websites like ours to arrange your meetings, you'll find it much easier to get to know them a little better.

Have you ever found that your age has made swinging difficult? Have you got some great tips for other swingers to use in the future? Share them with us.