An Introduction to Dogging in Donegal

Date 17th Jul 2013 | Views  4669

Perhaps surprisingly, there are actually plenty of places to go dogging in Donegal. Some counts have the number of dogging sites in the county as high as thirty-nine or forty. If you'd like to try it out as a part of your explorations of a non-monogamous lifestyle, here are a few things you should know.

#1: Your Safety is Paramount
If you're going dogging with a partner, make sure that the two of you stick together. If you're going alone, let someone know where you are – you don't necessarily have to tell them why you're there unless you feel comfortable with doing so, but it's important that someone at least knows how to locate you if necessary. If you do have a friend who might be interested in going with you, there's safety in numbers and it's far preferable to going entirely alone.

That's not the only thing you need to remember to be safe about, though – it's also important that you remember to practice safer sex, even in the heat of the anonymous moment. Always use condoms and other barrier protection, no matter how boring you might feel insisting on it in the dark. It's too important to skimp on.

#2: Respect Other People's Boundaries
Everyone has likes, dislikes, limits and boundaries. Make sure you respect everyone's; just because they've come dogging does not mean they are in some way 'obliged' to participate in any sort of sexual activity with anyone. If someone asks you to stop or turns you down before you've started, respect that and simply walk away. It is never, ever okay to pressure someone into participating in a sort of activity they do not want to be a part of.

Consent is just as vital when in the Donegal dogging community as it is in any other scenario, and everyone must act as they would in non-dogging situations

#3: Don't Betray Trust or Privacy
All kinds of people are interested in dogging, and the anonymous aspect of it makes it particularly tempting for some who are 'pillars of the community' or in some way in the public eye. If you recognise someone or figure out who they are, never ever be tempted to 'out' them – it's terrible manners, a huge breach of dogging etiquette, and could do untold damage to their life, career or reputation. Show the same respect to everyone you meet dogging that you'd like them to show you – and how would you feel if they showed up in your office and whispered to all your colleagues what they saw you do on Saturday night?

Every one of Donegal's many dogging sites has something to offer, and with a little exploration you're bound to find a group you really enjoy playing with and participating in. Just make sure you stick to the etiquette, and you'll have many happy dogging years to come. Find more tips on dogging in Ireland here.