How Do You Know If You Are Into Swinging?

Date 26th Aug 2016 | Views  573

I'm pretty sure that most people in this world would love to do a hobby that's lively and exciting, whether the hobby would be travelling to exotic countries, partying in Camden for 5 nights in a row, or competing in a load of pizza-eating contests. Alongside those exciting hobbies that can liven up your leisure time, there is another kind of activity that can make your sex life extraordinary. However, this kind of activity isn't for everybody.

Yes, swinging can make a person's sexual lifestyle appear enthralling and electrifying, but not everyone likes to get electrocuted. I have seen too many scenarios where some of my friends bailed out from threesomes, or kind of 'ghost' other people on swingers groups on Whatsapp.

If the thought of getting involve in wife-swapping is something that interests you, then great. You shouldn't be judged on what you like doing in your sex life. However, if the swinger's lifestyle intrigues you, but you have a little voice at the back of your head that's giving you doubt or apprehension, then you really have to ask yourself: Are you actually into swinging?

Do you like to leave your curtains open even when you're naked?

A swinger's lifestyle involves a lot of voyeurism, exhibitionism, and a lot of people keeping your privates warm with their hands, cocks, and pussies. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, and one of the things that I (sometimes) do at home is leave the blinds up so everyone can see what I'm doing, or what I'm not wearing.

It started off as an accident, where I always forget to the put the blinds down after I've had my shower. But then, after a few months of it turning into a habit, I started to actually like it. I enjoy the risk factor of getting caught with my tits exposed, or getting involved in a staring contest where the viewer and I would start trying to find each other's apartments.

If you go to a swinging session, no matter what, you will be watched by other wife-swappers. It's something that you have to be comfortable with when you want to get it on with multiple people. If this is an activity that you do, once you get home from work, then you've ticked a box for the list of things that you'd need to like if you want to become a swinger.

Do you sometimes look at you and your partner in the mirror while you're getting fucked?

If you have a mirror in your bedroom, or at least one in your home, there is a big chance that you will end up looking at yourself in the mirror when you're fucking your partner, or when you're getting fucked in the ass. My previous apartment had a wardrobe where the doors were covered in mirrors that would show me the reflection of my entire body; I enjoyed looking at my own reflection when my old partner used to ravage me from behind.

Some people would avoid the mirror and try to keep their heads down, but others would stare at their reflection as if they're looking at some kind of oreo-flavoured cake that needed to be devoured straight away.

If we were to speak on technical terms here, we are all voyeurists in a way. I mean, we watch two or more people having sex on a porn site, does that not count as voyeurism?

If you go to a swingers club, or to an acquaintance's place for some fun with your companion, there is a big chance that you will be watching the persons in the room getting it on. One of my former partner's had a fantasy of watching me getting fucked by another man, but we never got to fulfil that fantasy because we always had 'other plans'. If you get turned on by watching other people getting ravaged and having orgasms, then you've ticked another box.

Have you ever been in a threesome and enjoyed it?

I think this question is one that will either make you or break you as a swinger. In fact, the most important question in this article is 'would you feel aroused if you're in a threesome?'. There is no point of you having a threesome, or a having a fuck fest with 20 other swingers, if you're not going to fully enjoy it.

Of course, there may be a moment where you don't appreciate getting a cock shoved into your mouth without letting you know, or being asked to finger an ass when you don't really feel like it. But if you're not going to enjoy most of the session with other people, then it states that you're not into swinging, because the lifestyle will always involve you sleeping with more than one person, even if it isn't at the same time.

However, if you are also enjoy getting freaky with a lot of people, and looking at yourself in the mirror, and leaving the curtains open when you're naked, then guess what, there's a good chance that you're into swinging.