Armagh Swinging Etiquette

Date 17th Jul 2013 | Views  1203

For those who are new to the swinging scene, understanding the basic rules of the game is important. As a couple, you don't want to get a reputation for not following the unwritten rules of this accepted, but at times undercover lifestyle. Following these tips for Armagh swinging etiquette will help you to enjoy this alternative lifestyle.

Go as a couple, leave as a couple

If you go to a swinger's party or club, go as a couple and leave as a couple. It is not healthy for one partner to go, while the other remains at home. If both are not participating and comfortable with this life style, then the relationship may have some serious issues. The one left behind can become jealous or possessive, which creates havoc, while if the other is not allowed to participate because of the other partner's discomfort, they may end up feeling trapped and resentful. This is a couple's event, and going solo is frowned upon.

It's okay to say no

This is a basic rule of etiquette in swinging. You have the right to say "no, thank you" without any reprisals, recriminations, explanations or alibis. Turning down an invitation, either to a party, or to someone at the party is something you should never be afraid to do. It is one of the few ways to protect yourself from doing something that you may later regret.

Never let anyone pressure you into doing something you are not comfortable with. Not only will this be a turnoff, but it can have serious physically or psychological effects. It is okay to enjoy yourself without participating in every activity.

Take care of hygiene

You wouldn't want to be with a couple that is not clean, both orally and bodily. Taking care of your personal hygiene is a must for swinging. Brush your teeth well and take breath fresheners along. Shower thoroughly before the party or going to the club. Use a nice smelling cologne, body spray or perfume, but don't bathe in it. An over powering good scent can be just as much a turn off as a bad one like body odor.

Be courteous

Respond to invitations promptly, whether it is declining or accepting the invitation. This allows the host/hostess to plan for the correct number of people. If you accept, be punctual to the event. There is nothing more embarrassing than being late and then not being able to participate in the activities. It also may keep any further invitations from coming your way.

Also, treat others as you want to be treated. Although swinging is gaining in acceptance, there is still some stigmatism attached. By not purposefully embarrassing or hurting others, you may prevent others from embarrassing or hurting you. This includes not only the party or club itself, but also if you happen to meet another couple in public. If you don't want your lifestyle to be known, don't make theirs known.

These tips on Armagh swinging etiquette can act as a guide to knowing what is expected. These unwritten rules offer you a chance to enjoy this alternative lifestyle without fear.