How Do You Ask Your Partner To Go Swinging?

Date 7th Sep 2017 | Views  266

Swinging is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. This naturally means there are countless people who want to engage in the practice, but are stuck for ways to approach it with their partner. This leads to the very interesting question; how do you actually ask your partner if they want to go swinging?

Now the first thing you need to do is be careful. As you will probably work out, this could come across as you saying they aren't fulfilling your sexual needs if it goes wrong.

The Right Time

Coming out with it or in a non sexual scenario may well cause a level of shock which isn't conducive to a positive outcome. Instead maybe try it whilst watching porn, saying how turned on you would be to see them with someone else. That makes them the object of your desire, and you don't want to come across as someone just trying to get some action elsewhere without the accusation you are cheating.

One big mistake is that some people go from 0-100 far too quickly. They have a vanilla sex life, and then out of nowhere they ask their partner if they want to go swinging. It sounds weird and so far out there that a negative response is almost assured.

Instead, bring porn into your sex life, use sex toys on each other, have sex in naughty places. It then just seems a natural extension of what you are doing normally to go swinging.

Different Types of Swinging

One good way of entering into the swinging world is to start with a 'soft swing'. This is where people do sexual stuff, but don't go as far as having full sex. This idea could help them to try it out, and if they don't like it, you can stop. However, if they like it, you could go even further, or at least continue with soft swapping.

To be fair, it is simple as that. You want the move into swinging to be a mutual decision for both of you (if it isn't, then you need to question why you want to go swinging) and the way you frame asking has to represent that. And don't make the question come out of nowhere.

We can never guarantee they will say yes, but by following those rules, you will certainly give yourself a better chance of a positive response.