The Benefits Of Swinging In Ireland

Date 9th May 2014 | Views  1406

When people start thinking of getting into swinging, the initial thought for the majority is actually negative. Yes, the prospect of sleeping with other people sounds fun for the individual, but how would you react to someone else sleeping with your partner? How would your partner react to you sleeping with anyone else? These are some of the reasons most people shy away from the scene.

Yet it remains popular, and is actually becoming more so. There must be a reason for this musn't there? Well, yes there is. Swinging brings so many things into your life, and as a swinger of ten years, I can tell you that first hand.

Many Good Reasons

Firstly, it means no-one is cheating. We know how damaging that can be to a relationship, and all that sneaking isn't really good for the health.

With swinging, all parties are in on it, so they can have the excitement of meeting someone else, yet no-one is getting betrayed. Although you have to have the right characters to engage in this behaviour, the idea is that you are both happy at the end of the encounter.

Another major bonus is that you can maybe explore things that you find impossible to do, or even ask for at home. In swinging, you can maybe explore different things, like toys, or sex films. You can ask the other swinger and if they fancy it, and take it on the chin if they don't.

You then don't have any uncomfortable moments at home.

The same goes for sexual positions. As what you are engaging in is no holds barred sex, then you can maybe get up to things you wouldn't usually do at home.

Just think, you could bring some of those techniques home, improving your sex life there as well?

One thing that is missed by people who don't engage in swinging is that us swingers are real people. Believe it or not, we can actually make friends with fellow swingers!

Some of my closest friends are swingers, and we meet up for stuff like meals and film nights. It is actually a great way to meet new people.

A Happier Existence

For me and my wife, swinging gave our marriage the spark it had been missing. We had always been a couple that needed excitement, and maybe married life became a bit too 'easy' for us?

Entering the world of swinging gave us that excitement we had been missing. I can only think we may have been divorced if we had not joined the Irish swinging community.

So these are some of the positives of becoming a swinger. It is still a big decision for any newbie to make, but there really are a lot of upsides, once you have got over the obvious problems.

I certainly intend to carry on swinging for many years to come!