Broadchuch Location Becomes Dogging Paradise!

Date 24th Feb 2015 | Views  866

So Broadchurch is finished, and all in all, it was a bit of a disappointment, especially in comparison to the first series. However, despite declining ratings, it has remained relatively popular. One of the main reasons for this is the wonderful scenery featured in the series. It is therefore no surprise, that some of the locations have turned out to be dogging spots!

A Haven for Dogging

It has been reported that a truck stop of the A35 is within walking distance of the hut where Danny was killed. The Sun newspaper did some online research, and found many dogging spots around the Dorset cliffs which have been on our screens lately. An internet forum gives the area a thumbs up.

"Lots of great action in and around Dorset. Bridport picnic site is good and the cliffs near West Bay. I'll be down there with the missus later in the week," one reveller wrote.

A source told the Sun: "After the phenomenal success of it's first series of Broadchurch, the second hasn't proved so popular. But at least the area where it was filmed is still a big hit."

It appears, that after doing our own research, that the area was popular to doggers anyway, and that the show has only increased the pull. I can just imagine that loads of doggers and prospective doggers were sat watching Broadchurch and thought "wow, this really is turning into a crappy soap opera, but my, those cliffs and woodlands look perfect for naughty fun!"

Be Careful

As ever on these pages, we will encourage anyone who does think that making the trip to 'Broadchurch' to be subtle with their dogging activities. There will be plenty of people there, but as you know, with that comes greater risk of exposure (and not in a good way, if you know what I mean)

Also, we need to be careful of the general public. The police are usually willing to turn a blind eye to this kind of sexual activity, as long as it is done betwteen discreet, consenting individuals. As soon as a family walk past some guy who is balls deep a woman, then don't be too surprised when this dogging location is no more.

When a dogging location becomes really popular, it will attract idiots who really don't know the etiquette. These people ruin it for everyone.

'Broadchurch' looks like an absolutely lovely place to go dogging , so let's hope it remains that way!