Clowns Banned From Halloween Sex Party

Date 21st Oct 2016 | Views  452

Most of society is getting rather irritated by these clowns which seem to be running around, scaring the shit out of people. I have to say, if any of them jump out on me, I will maim them. However, I was rather amused to hear that a group of swingers in Dagenham, London, have issued a 'clown ban' for their sex parties.

An advertised swingers party at the Paradise Spa invites guests to come dressed in costumes for sexy spookfest - but our painted face friends are not welcome.

It reads: "Join the Staff and regulars for this years Halloween Party, fancy dress with a prize for the best! PLEASE NOTE, CLOWN COSTUMES ARE NOT PERMITTED AND WILL BE TURNED AWAY."

Having a look at the place, it actually seems pretty cool. There is a bar, a big screen showing porno films, hot tubs, and rooms where swingers of all ages can disappear for sex.

The Halloween special costs £5 for single ladies, £25 for couples and £35 for single men, which is all pretty reasonable.

Say No To Clowns

However, it seems that the place doesn't want to have to endure people in clown costumes jumping out when people are having sex. I can actually see their point. Swingers clubs are notoriously safe places for people of all different persuasions. The last thing an establishment needs is to have a complete set-to in the middle of a party. I am sure local councils would just looooove that.

To be fair, on top of that, police have warned these clowns that they are committing a criminal offence. One UK force has dealt with 14 reports in a 24 hour period. If they have criminal investigations taking place in swingers clubs, then it won't be long until it gets closed down. Swingers clubs are permanently scrutinised...they don't need any extra scrutiny.

So, even if you aren't going to this club in Dagenham for a Halloween sex party, maybe keep the clown costumes at home. There is a chance that it may not end well!

Just a bit of helpful advice from your favourite swingers site.