The Tipperary Swinger's Guide to Talking it Through

Date 1st Aug 2013 | Views  1418

If you're interested in trying out swinging, or in exploring one of Tipperary's dogging hotspots, it's likely that you'll have at least one major worry. Just how are you going to broach this subject with your partner? For those who are already in open or polyamorous relationships it's one thing, but if you've been monogamous up to this point there are always other factors to bear in mind. Thankfully, you're a long way from being the only person in Tipperary to have this problem. Here at, we have put together a few tips from those who went before you.

#1: Be very clear in your own mind about what you want from swinging, why you want to try it, and what you think it's going to do for you and for your relationship.

If your relationship is in trouble, swinging isn't going to help fix it. You need to tackle these problems at source. Only consider getting involved in Tipperary swinging if your relationship is secure, stable and going well. There are a lot of swinging clubs and dogging spots in Tipperary, and they're a huge amount of fun. Just make sure you're in the right place to try them out in a loving and healthy way.

#2: Sit down and really try to vividly imagine what it would be like watching your partner with someone else, or knowing they were off with someone else without you.

It's entirely natural to feel some jealousy, especially the first few times. It's important to be prepared to deal with it, though, rather than letting it overwhelm you at the first hurdle. It's entirely vital that you prepare yourself for the idea that your partner, as well as you, will be swinging. There are a surprising number of swingers in Tipperary, but while you won't be alone, you're bound to have a learning curve about your new relationship model.

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#3: Write down your thoughts and reasoning before you approach your partner with it all. But Don't take your notes with you when you do talk!

You want to be able to put everything you've though about to them in a rational, thoughtful way that sounds calm reasonable and collected, rather than forced or rehearsed. Be prepared for them to disagree, or to have come up with things that you hadn't considered. Above all, it's important for you to come to the decision with them rather than for them. Remember, swinging in Tipperary is for both your enjoyment, not just yours.

#4: Be prepared for either or both of you to turn out to have been wrong.

Opening up a relationship to non-monogamy for the first time is often a tricky business, and you might have reactions you didn't expect. Maybe it will all go really smoothly, maybe one of you will feel better about it than the other, or maybe the idea just won't take off. Whatever conclusion you come to, make sure that the two of you continue to communicate effectively.