Company Offers Mexican Swingers Holidays!

Date 27th Nov 2015 | Views  605

I don't know about you, but I love Mexico. It is truly one of the most beautiful places that you can go. The beaches are sublime, and the drinks are certainly cheaper than you would get over this side of the pond. However, it seems like there is another reason to head to that part of the world, and it is even more sexier.

Desire Resorts are promoting holidays for swingers in Cancun. Yes, you did just hear me right!

Couples can take part in sex sessions, massages, and get tips from top starts from Playboy TV and Radio. Sounds good, yeah?

The firm's Mario Cruz said: "The only rule is 'no means no' - but other than that, we don't get involved with what people want to do.

"We allow threesomes and foursomes, where people sleep three or four to a room, and we allow single ladies to visit. It's not for everyone. People raise their eyebrows."

Sexologist Jessica O'Reilly is offering talks at the International Swingers Month events in January.

She said: "The resorts are the perfect ambience to re-set as a couple. Everyone is in love."

Worth a Visit

It has to be said, these hotels have no children. That means that you won't be affecting any kids with your behaviour. It also means that if you are thinking of taking your children with you, think again. Actually, if you are thinking about doing that in the first place, you probably need your head tested.

We all know the weather in Ireland can be shocking in January. Just imagine swapping that for the warm shores of Mexico? I have to say, if I could justify packing my son off to the grandparents and taking the wife over, I would. Sadly I can't, but some of you lucky swines can!

So get your sombreros and shorts off and get to Mexico. Seriously, what are you waiting for?