Cork Swingers Hotel Party Leaves Mother Livid!

Date 31st Oct 2014 | Views  1833

"We are going to end up not going because I don't want my children exposed to that until they are old enough to make decisions like that themselves.

"I rang the hotel about my concerns and it was incredulous to hear the reply. I was asked was I prudish."

The event has been well publicised across a number swingers websites, although it has to be said, it seems that the hotel didn't realise that the Halloween party was a cover for the swingers party until the last few days.

A spokeswoman for the hotel group said it was policy not to comment on guests or events, as well as any reactions from staff.

"I can't comment on any event at the hotel," she said.

"That's hotel policy."

However, they have asked those attending to have respect "for yourself as well as the hosts, hotel staff and other residence".

"What happens after in the privacy your own rooms is totally up to ye,

"Pls guys do not mention 'swing'."

This doesn't seem to be enough for our rather unhappy Mother who stated "Come hell or high water we will not be bringing our children down there."

Why The Hatred?

Now as a swinger myself who let's face it, may well be attending the Cork swingers party, I have been wondering what this Mother's problem is.

There are two possible alternatives. Firstly she may well be a moral crusader who just hates swingers and swinging in general. If that is the case, you can't do anything about that. Everyone is entitled to opinions and that is her's.

Now the second possibility is even more intriguing and maybe even more likely. Does this woman actually know what happens at a swingers party?

OK, let's visualise what might be going in her head. She turns up at the Silver Springs Hotel in Cork and the first thing she sees is a man bending a woman over the bar and people going at it against the wall as she tries to make her way to the hotel room. Understandably she would be quite pissed off.

Now let's see the reality of what is going to be going on. There will be a number of people chatting at the bar, and at the end of the night, like in any other hotel, partners will make their way to a the rooms.

As long as nobody isn't acting like an idiot, then there will be no problem whatsoever with a swingers party taking place at a hotel. No-one has the right to moralise and kick off if they are not being affected. It would be different if her kids were forced to see things they really didn't want to see, but my god, that won't be happening.

A Good Night

I have no doubt that this Cork Halloween swingers party will go like a dream. I will also have a little wager that the other people attending the hotel, either on family time or on business, will not have the foggiest idea as to what is going on.

This is a swingers party and not an open-air orgy; they are completely different things.

If our woman doesn't realise that, there is still time to change her mind and have a nice weekend. However, if she understand's that and is just moaning, then I hope she has a rather boring weekend at home!

Time to get my suitcase packed anyway!