Couple Busted For Sex In Park!!

Date 27th May 2015 | Views  1054

A couple in London got a ticking off from the police after being caught going at in a park, in full view of local shops and a bus stop.

The incident occurred earlier this month at George Green in Wanstead and took place at about 7.30PM and was bad enough that Councillor Colin Cronin called the police on them.

The Sounds of Sex

The "sounds of sex" were "audible", he told the London Evening Standard.

"The guy had his trousers around his ankles and the lady was underneath him. When she stood up she had to hop around to put her trousers on."

"It's a park that's frequented by families and children," he said. "It's not in any way secluded - a main arterial route runs through it and it's adjacent to Wanstead Tube station."

He added: "I was shocked."

Another witness described the scene as like a "full-on porn movie in Wanstead."

"Police walked up to the woman and she stood up with no knickers on and her cleavage hanging out.

"They must have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs but even so it was just unbelievable to see, with all the sound effects to go with it.

"I can't believe they didn't do more than tell them to leave."

However, our horny couple seemingly continued to have sex, even after they were originally told to leave.

"It wasn't just a bit of petting, he was on top of her going at it full pelt while the shop keepers whistled and cheered them on," Councillor Cronin said.

"When the police walked over, the lady had to stand up to put her jeans back on."
He questioned why police had not arrested the couple.

Met spokeswoman declined to comment on the alleged police inaction, saying the investigation had not been completed.

A Popular Location

I'm not an expert on the English swinging and dogging scene, but it appears, after doing a bit of research, that this is a very popular dogging area, and also sees people do couple swapping also. Now I'm not sure if the majority of lovers will be so blatant/idiotic, but it strikes me as a place you can get action, if of course you need to visit London for any reason. I know I do, my kids live over that way...I think I may have a new haunt for when they get bored of me!

Well, even if what they did is highly illegal, I bet they certainly gave a thrill to some of the locals. What are the odds they end up trying this dogging spot out for themselves sooner rather than later?