The Crazy Myths About Swingers Clubs!

Date 6th May 2016 | Views  594

Are you thinking about visiting a swingers' club but you don't know if this is a good choice? Are your close friends against you being curious about an adult club?

Well, you don't need to panic, because you are not the only one who is curious about "one of those clubs", and your friends aren't the only ones who believe going to a swingers' club is a bad idea.

There are people who find experiencing with other couples enlightening, while others strongly believe swinging destroys the idea of marriage, generating more troubles individuals. But besides believing that they are completely wrong and they annihilate the institution of marriage, what else do people think about swingers' clubs?

Ew, Swinging It's a Gross Thing!

Those of you who want to try swinging might see it like a cool place where you can check a man's wife and even get...close to her without getting into a fight. And that is not all. It's not just that you can ask the permission to have sex together but you are actually encouraged to do so.

Of course, you will be in that man's situation, as well. This is actually most newbies' concern: will I be able to get rid of my jealousy? But there are also many people who have different thoughts about swingers clubs. Personally, I find it curious how some can have such strong opinions about things they've never experienced.

So, "on your way" towards having a swinger life, you will encounter many people who will tell you that the clubs are full of old, desperate, and of course, flaccid human beings. Well, nobody can say that you will enter a club and see only 21-year-old Hollywood movie stars, but people who usually go to such clubs can confirm that each one of them draws a different crowd.

In addition, there are many people who are certain that swingers' clubs are nothing but a place where you are lucky if you don't get an STD and even HIV. Of course, this statement can be correct if you don't use a condom. But then again, you don't have to be a swinger to get an STD, since just hooking up in bars is enough for all of you who don't use protection.

Is It True?

People have different thoughts about swingers clubs, and they are all related to their life concepts, and to their capability of understanding that there many others who are just…different. There are many people who cannot see more than the negative aspects of everything, not just swinging or other less conventional sexual activities.

So, I will say "no"! These statements are not true. However, I can't say that they aren't completely false, either. Swingers clubs don't destroy relationships, but swinging can harm people's feelings if they don't communicate with each other.

Also, no, you won't see a club full of old and desperate people. There can be old people, but there are also young ones; some have athletic bodies while others can be chubby, and some men have big penises while others have small ones. So, you have variety! And a swingers' club will give you an STD, just as Tindering will if you don't use a condom.

In conclusion, swingers' club might seem gross and dangerous for many people, but in the end, everything depends on you. Therefore, you should try not to take anything you "hear" as a total fact, but have the experience instead and build your own opinion based on that. So, enter a swingers' club with an open mind!