Derry Councillor In Swinger Storm

Date 13th Jun 2014 | Views  1208

Swinging has hit the headlines in Ireland this week, with an SDLP councillor in Derry being suspended after posting naughty photographs of himself on a 'swingers' sex website.

Using the screen-name 'Spar-key' and listing his interests as 'voyeurism', 'gangbangs' and 'swingers clubs', Jimmy Carr apparently openly admitted that he was a city councillor.

A List Of Transgressions

Last month, Mr Carr, whose father Sean is also a Derry city councillor, was embroiled in controversy when the party withdrew its support for his electoral campaign 48 hours before polls for the new Derry-Strabane 'Super Council' opened. This was after allegations of referencing drugs on a tablet computer.

No charges have been brought over the drug issue, whatever it was, but Jimmy Carr announced he would quit the SDLP.

I don't want to go talking about any drug accusations here, but I find it upsetting that he has been dragged through the mud for using a swingers website.

Swinging can be a perfectly normal way of enjoying yourself for those who like to participate in it. Why on earth should that lifestyle choice affect someone's ability to do their job?

I sometimes wonder whether Ireland is really so behind the times when it comes to sexual encounters, or whether those in authority still feel they need to show how 'moral they are'?

Some Good Advice

Sex is an everyday thing and people need to work that out. I can never understand why some people don't realise that as long as everyone is there through their own free will, and nobody is getting hurt, then there is no problem at all.

Here at we will welcome anyone onto our pages. We will give you advice to help you work out if this is the life for you, and we will also give tips on what to do when you actually meet one of the numerous fellow swingers on our website.

All I can say is that we live in a society where swinging is often frowned upon. Consequently it may be an idea to keep as little personal information about yourself on your profile as you can. Give an overview of who you are and what you like, but not enough so prying eyes from outside the swinging world can work out who you really are.

We want this to be a fun place for you to hang out; not one that can after negatively elsewhere in your life

That is the best advice we can give.