Dogging and Respecting the Community

Date 29th Apr 2015 | Views  891

Here at, when it comes to dogging, we sometimes sound like a bit of a broken record. Many of the staff here are experienced doggers. I myself have dabbled a bit, to be fair. Despite being lots of fun, it really is an activity that needs to be done properly, or it could be ruined for everyone.

Take this case for example. Police in Wales are vowing to put an end to dogging at a popular beauty spot after residents complained that condoms and other unpleasant items were strewn over the area.

Wonderful Wales

This particular dogging spot is in Swansea, and is a lovely wooded area. Perfect for dogging you may think? We, not now by the looks of it!

A man living near the area said there was a "disgusting mess", which included discarded condoms and underwear.

Other residents have complained that it is now a no-go area for children.

Trevor Russell, 69, said: "It really bothers me. My two grandchildren are unable to go there without me, or another adult, as we know what goes on there."

Another resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "It's not so bad in the day time, but loads of them come at night.

"I know truckers who drive along here have seen things they shouldn't have to see.

"The police are coming back and forth more often now, though, and moving them on."

Lee Williams, 49, said: "There are children in this village who are unable to go to that area now.

"It's a shame because there is a beautiful lake there, and places for them to ride their bikes.

"The mess there is absolutely disgusting.

"There are condoms on the side of the road and in the trees and bushes where they have been thrown from cars, and women's underwear and dirty magazines.

"I even saw a used syringe there on the side of the road.

"There has been an increase in police presence, so it's not as busy as it used to be, but it still goes on.

"They are there day and night, and it usually gets worse from 5pm onwards.

"I know they need to be seen to have a place, so they are not discriminated against, but this is not it.

"I don't care what they do, as long as it isn't on my doorstep."

Local police sergeant also chipped in.

"Local officers are fully aware of the issues at this location and carry out regular patrols to discourage any anti-social or illegal activities.

"We are also working with Natural Resources Wales to identify solutions to this long-running issue.

"We have previously had success in tackling the issues on the Penllergaer side of the woods and will be looking to repeat that success here."

Respect for All

Now I have to maker it clear, there will be people in the world who don't like doggers or dogging on a matter of principle. These people can take their prejudice and stick it where the sun doesn't shine as far as I'm concerned. However, there are doggers who really don't help themselves, or the rest of us.

Leaving condoms and dirty mags knocking around is the equivalent of putting up a neon sign saying 'look police, this is a dogging spot, come and close is down'.

Seriously, it isn't difficult to just pick up your shit and when you leave. This would be a non-story if people did that. The police would turn a blind eye, and upset residents would just be seen as moaning gits. However, when doggers act in such an irresponsible way, there are almost begging for their favourite location to be shut down.

So remember folks, unless you want the Gardai ending your dogging fun, remember to be subtle and not leave any of your rubbish around.

If this was rather obvious to you, then you are the kind of dogger we like. If you really needed to be told this, I seriously question how you put your pants on in the morning!