Dogging Location Under Threat

Date 20th Nov 2014 | Views  1590

It seems these days that every time you pick up a newspaper there is some story about the issue of dogging. The latest comes from Wales, where a popular dogging location is under threat.

A rather pissed off Swansea dog walker named Chris Williams contacted the local paper complaining about seeing seeing naked men together near the Penllergaer car park by junction 47 of the M4, and warned that other locals were getting equally irritated with the sexy antics.

Permanent Solution

Mr Williams says the police have asked the doggers to move on, but that a more permanent solution was required.

"The doggers are all middle-aged men sitting in their cars or wandering about at the far end of the car park most weekday lunchtimes," he said. "They are not dressed for the woods and they are not eating lunch. The car park is 100 yards from a Scout hut and about 300 yards from a housing estate.

"Whilst walking I have encountered a naked man and another man together, and my wife once encountered two naked men together.

"My wife now refuses to walk our dog in the woods on her own due to these men - we live in Tircoed and chose to live here as the woods would be ideal to walk our border collie."

Mr Williams says that the dogging has gone on for years, and isn't the kind of thing that should be going on near where families congregate.

He added: "I am not a prude and I have no issue with adults wishing to partake in this practice if they wish, but this a public area used by families, and being so close to a housing estate and a Scout hut is surely not acceptable."Now it seems that although he doesn't personally agree with violence, he thinks the situation is ripe for people taking 'vigilante action'.

Neighbourhood sergeant Paul Davies, of South Wales Police, said: "Local officers are fully aware of the issues at this (Penllergaer) location and carry out regular patrols to discourage any anti-social or illegal activities. We are also working with Natural Resources Wales to identify solutions to this long-running issue."

A More Sensible Approach

Now in the offices of this story has caused quite a bit of debate. There are a number of people who think this is yet another press attack on dogging. However, the rest of us (myself included) have a different view on it.

Dogging is a perfectly acceptable thing to do, but you have to pick your time and location correctly.

Look at it this way; dogging is about getting the right attention off the right people and no attention off the wrong ones. If you are having your wicked way near houses and at the time where dog walkers are doing what they do, then don't be surprised when you get negative attention, and your favourite dogging location comes under threat.

It is best to get up to dogging where very few people go, or at a time they won't be there. No-one has the right to force their sexual practices on anyone else, especially families who are out having a walk.

We have so many doggers on our website, and we will always support their right to do what they want to do. However, doggers all over the world will only be able to enjoy their pursuit if they keep off the radar.

Dogging, like swinging, is a misunderstood pursuit and the people who do it are viewed incorrectly by the mainstream folks. Therefore public attention isn't ever going to be a good thing.

So remember folks, if you want to go dogging pick your location and your time correctly. Then you can enjoy a lifetime of fun engaging in one of the most exciting outdoor pursuits.

Happy dogging folks!