Dogging Locations in Ireland

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Dogging Locations in Ireland

Here at we realise that there are a lot of you naughty Irish guys and girls who like dogging. Well we are here to help. We have a put together a county by county list of reported dogging locations in the Emerald Isle during the year 2012.

Now obviously we do not know that these locations are still being used and we recommend you do your own research before engaging in any sexual activity that could get you into trouble.

We also recommend you check out our guide to dogging and use our forums (dogging section) to discuss locations with your fellow dogger's. Or if you know of any locations and meetings scheduled, post a thread and share the knowledge.

So here goes. We hope this helps.


Corn Hill in Longford, Aghagallon is apparently very easy to find with room for one to five cars. Monkstown also has dogging at Seapoint Beach with room for five to ten cars.


Armagh dogging can be found on Oxford Island in Craigavon. This is located in the car park and is open to gay and straight couples. So feel free to join the Armagh dogging community.


The Car Park next to the lake opposite the Church on Chapel Road, Balliebourough is popula andr has room for one to five cars. There is also Bridge Street Car Park, as well as the back of the Kilmore Hotel.


As well as being one of the most scenic areas in Ireland, Clare also sees a lot of dogging. Dromore Woods a hosts a lot of dogging sessions, as does Clare Glens.


There are a number of dogging locations in Cork. Firstly there is the Millstreet Country Park and Restaurant. Ballincollig seems to be the most popular dogging destination in County Cork.


Derry has turned into one of the most popular dogging locations in the whole of Ireland. Our fellow dogging enthusiasts can be found congregating under Foyle Bridge, and in a number of car parks or picnic areas. There is also an area in Burnfoot at a place called Sab Road which is apparently busy after 10 at weekends.


Donegal dogging will be found in the car park at Annagry. There is also the factory at Gortnasade Pier, or the car park looking over the River Swilly.


There are a number of dogging locations in County Down. You can find this fun filled activity occurring at Bernish Point, Ballmenoch Park and Camlough Lake. There is apparently dogging action in the Tesco Car Park also.


Not surprisingly, Dublin is one of the most popular dogging locations in Ireland. The car parks at City West Shopping Centre, and the Underground car park, also in City West are popular. Airport Road is well used, as is Airside Swords and Albert College Park. There is also Terenure College RFC Car Park on Templeogue Road in Dublin.


The rural landscape of Fermanagh definitely lends itself to dogging. Belcoo, Garrison Road and Old Castle Archdale all host dogger's from all over Ireland.


Dogging in Galway can be found in areas such as Barana Woods, Ballinasloe car park and even the adult cinema. There is also a dogging location around Portumna, near the Shannon Oaks Hotel and Country Club.


Another popular area for the Irish dogging community, dogger's of Kerry can mostly be found in Ballyseedy Wood. However, you will also find dogging in Ballybunion and Ballyheige Forest. There is also a spot at Ross Castle car park in Killarney which is apparently very popular most weekends.


There isn't much information on Dogging in Kildare, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Just do your research. There is however a location on Blessington Road, near Tipper West.


The landscapes of Kilkenny are breathtaking and this can only help to accentuate the dogging experience. Ballyrafton Woods is extremely popular with Kilkenny dogger's, as are the Millenium Woods. Kilkenny really has a lot to offer on so many different levels.


A popular place for Irish dogger's, Limerick dogging can be found in places such as Caherconlish and Ballyorgan, as well as an area in the back of Wheelers. There is also dogging near Westbury Shopping Centre.


Despite being one of the smaller counties in the whole of Ireland, that doesn't mean that dogging isn't a popular pursuit in Longford County. Dogger's can be found in places such as Ballymahon Road, Corn Hill and Granard. There is also a location in Ballinalee on Wednesday nights, so remember to look that one up.


Louth dogging is a popular pursuit and will be found by the Rahescar Lake car park or the Blackrock Church Car Park. There is also dogging in Ardee, on the link road. So there are no shortage of dogging locations in Louth.


Dogging in Mayo may not be as popular as some other areas in Ireland, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. The town of Ballina is home to two dogging locations. Also the Tourmakeady Woods outside of Moore Hall is a known dogging hotspot.


Meath is well known for its standing stones and henges from the Neolithic period that predate the Egyptian Pyramids. But if dogging is your scene, then feel free to make your way to Bellinter House on Boyne Road.


County Meath is famed for its Victorian and Georgian architecture as well as its vibrant dogging scene. The Castleshane Woods and Rossmore Forest Park are two such examples. There is also a car park behind the Westenra Arms Hotel in Monaghan Town that sees plenty of dogging action.


Sligo has almost 30 well known dogging areas. The most popular one is the beach area around Lisadell Wood, which is used by the gay and straight dogging community. Slishwood car park in Ballintogher is also very popular with Irish dogger's.


The affluent area of county Tipperary in Ireland is home to some of the best spots for dogging in the whole of Ireland. Both the Glengara Woods and the Golden Grove Woods are known as good locations, as is the back of Kerry's Castle on Saturday nights.


Waterford is another area where dogging has found a home. The centre of this Waterford dogging world seems to be in Glenpatrick as there are a few sites at the Glenpatrick bridge car park, as well as a pub called the Welcome Inn. This pub will be found on the road between Capoqquin and Dungarvan. The dogging takes place in the car park, after the pub has closed of course!!


Westmeath is almost at the centre of Ireland geographically and is also a well-known dogging area. There is a lay-by in Mullingar which caters for Irish dogger's so the area is well worth a visit.


Wexford dogging will usually be found in a secluded area over the wooden bridge in Blackwater Beach. Dogging will be found in this area most nights. There is also a location in Curracloe, where the second car park from the wood apparently sees action after 10PM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


We all know what Wicklow is famous for…the mountains. But the area is now becoming famous for a new Irish pursuit. That is the art of dogging. Wicklow dogger's can be found by the Red Stone Quarry. There is also a spot at Kilmacanogue just off the N11 which is a good location for the Wicklow dogging community.