Exhibitionism and Swingers

Date 22nd Jul 2016 | Views  553

There are so many different things that turn us on about swinging. We love that we can explore lots of saucy things with other people, and the fact that you get to spice up your sex life with other kinky couples is a huge plus. Many people find that they love being watched, as so the exhibitionism of swinging is the biggest turn on for them.

However, is this the biggest turn on for swingers, or are there other areas that appeal to us much more?

Exploring sex

One of the best things about swinging is that you get the chance to really explore sex. When you visit a swinging club, you'll find a really open and welcoming environment. A lot of them have rules, but for many it is simply a case of keep it to the set areas for sex. As long as it is consensual fun between adults, they don't have issues with it.

This means that, if you want somewhere to go and play with sex toys with your partner, you can visit a swinging club to do it. Got some harder kinks you want to explore? This is the perfect place.

The best thing is that you will also get the chance to talk to other couples just like you. This means that, if you have some other interests you want to explore but aren't sure where to start, you can do by talking to them. You could even spend a little bit of time watching others and seeing what it is that they like to do. Swinging is an incredible resource for you.

Meeting other couples

This might go without saying, but one of the most fun things about swinging is that you get to meet other couples just like you. You get the chance to talk to them about all of the kinky things that they are in to. You can flirt with other couples and watch your partner's face when they see something that they like.

You also get to make new friends. You can have plenty of open and honest conversations with fellow swingers, and you'll find that often they are the kind of conversations that you can;t have with others.

Got some questions about sex or swinging that you really need to have answered? Then this is the place for you. You can talk to them about their interests, and what it is that turns them on the most about swinging. You can even meet potential partners for the future at a swinging club.

Some also like to talk to each other about their kinks. It might be that you are interested in exploring the world of BDSM and find that you aren't sure where to start. You might even want to add a little toy play to your sex life and find that you are confused about the best sex toys. Speaking to other couples can really help.


A turn on for many is watching others getting intimate. They like to watch others fuck, and at a swinging party or a swingers club, you can do this. You can enjoy the show as couples explore their sexuality before you and try new things.

Sometimes you will find that the couple enjoy it if you are to strip off and start masturbating to the show that they are putting on. The fact that they know you are watching is a turn on for them, and seeing them making eye contact while you watch will be a huge turn on.

The difference between voyeurism with swinging and any other kind of voyeurism is that the couples are aware that being watching is going to happen. They might decided that it is not for them and close off the area, but usually they are polite about this. Often, they might not want you to join in, but they are happy to be watched.

Sometimes you'll find that they love it so much that they actually want you to join in, which is a huge turn on for all couples involved.


Of course, one of the biggest turn ons for swinging is the fact that you get to be a bit of an exhibitionist. We might like the idea of having sex somewhere risky and getting caught, but often we just want the thrill of being watched... no risk involved.

Swinging gives you that. You can explore exhibitionism and sex in a public(ish) space without the risk of getting into trouble. You are in a place where you are free to do what you want to do, with no repercussions as long as you follow their rules.

You get the thrill of being watched by others, and you might find that this makes you put on a bit of a show. You can watch others being turned on by the kinky things that you are doing, and they might even ask to join in.

If you and your partner are interested, then you will find that this is one of the biggest turn ons for swinging. You get to enjoy the company of others in the sexiest way possible, and the kinky things that you will get up to will leave you feeling incredible.