Five Mistakes Some Swingers Make Using Condoms!

Date 28th Aug 2014 | Views  1292

One of the main changes that people find when they join the Irish swinging world is the fact they have to use condoms. This, they find is very different to a monogamous relationship where many feel comfortable to use other forms of contraception, such as the pill or the injection.

However, when they become a swinger, they have to use a condom. This is something that many are not that used to doing. This is when mistakes end up happening, much to everyone's annoyance.

This is why have put together five mistakes people make with condoms. We hope it helps people who may struggle with our rubbery friends.

1) Not Checking the Expiry Date

There is a little date printed on the wrapper which people need to check.

Condoms usually last five years, though only two years if there is a spermicide. However, condoms that are kept in wallets get hot and the shelf life goes down rather quickly.

2) Not Leaving Room at the Top

People aren't used to using condoms need to remember to squeeze the top to make sure there isn't any air in there. If that isn't done, there is a greater chance that the condom will burst.

3) The Condom Doesn't Fit

A number of people find that condoms slip off during sex. This is due to guys not being experienced enough to work out which size fits them.

Before you get involved in swinging, have some practice using condoms. This will help you get the size that fits.

4) Putting it on Wrong

There are plenty of people who are not used to using condoms who put the thing on inside out. What do you do when that happens? Change it!

The condom should look a little like a ski cap with the bottom edges rolled up (not under). The cap should fit over the penis so that the brim unrolls easily down the shaft. It sounds simple, but get some practice.

5) Not Checking The Damage

With people opening the wrapper with their teeth, there is a good chance there could be a rip or tear in the condom. Therefore people need to check whether there is an issue.

Damage can also be caused by fingernails and jewellery, so be extra careful when you are opening the packet.

Practice is the Key!

Swinging, safety and condoms are inextricably linked. Don't start swinging without first getting clued up on condom use.

Failure to do so will likely damage, or possibly end your reputation in the Irish swinging community.

And none of us want that!