Five Myths About The Swinging World

Date 6th Oct 2017 | Views  231

There are many lies told about the swinging world. They are usually spouted by people who know nothing about it, either due to never having gone swinging, or by having a pre-conceived negative idea about the people who go.

So, in the interest of fairness, we are going to bring you five myths about swingers, and let you know the reality. So vanilla people, read and learn!

1) All Swingers are Old

This couldn't be further from the truth. I have no idea what it used to be like, but in my 20 years swinging, you find many different types. I would say you usually won't find too many people under 30, as before that youngsters are likely to have different forms of entertainment, like clubbing. Once that has calmed down, people look for other types of fun in a relationship, and that is where swinging comes into play.

So never be worried that you will attend a club and it will just be full of wrinkly old people.

2) No Single Women Swing

Well, although they are relatively rare (actually they are known as unicorns) they do exist. They like to get involved with single guys who go there, or with couples who may want to have a threesome.

For them, this certainly beats meeting drunk guys in nightclubs.

3) The Sex isn't Safe

There is this idea that people are having unsafe sex, without condoms, and consequently risking STI's and unwanted pregnancies. News flash, this is rubbish. If at a swingers party you try to not use a condom, you are going to get no action, maybe thrown out, and a big black mark against your name.

Don't worry. If you want to go swinging, everyone there will be practising safe sex.

4) Women Get Little Say in if They Go Swinging

People paint a picture of sleazy guys dragging their wives there because the aforementioned men want to have sex with other women and have little interest in the feelings of their partners. This is a complete myth.

Women get far more attention in these places, and it is a sexually liberating environment for women. If anyone is likely to have a bad experience, it will be the man, as he may receive no interest.

5) Swingers are All in Open Relationships

Some people think that swinging is just an extension of relationships where it is a free-for-all; where people can have sex with anyone they want and neither partner cares.

This is an important myth to dispel, for both vanilla people, and anyone wanting to start swinging. Most people like swinging as they are in an environment where them and their partner can see other people, but they know who it is, they both have fun, and they can go home fulfilled. This is better than sneaking around cheating, or bringing someone back to sleep with whilst their partner is downstairs. Actually, most swingers would find these other scenarios abhorrent, and they certainly go against what the swinging world is about. If you just want an excuse to cheat, steer clear of swinging and instead question your relationship and what it is lacking.

So there we go. There is nothing worse than having your favourite interest misunderstood and insulted. I hope this goes some way to dispelling those myths.