Five Myths About Swinging

Date 7th Aug 2014 | Views  1283

There are a number of myths regarding the Irish swinging scene, and swinging in general. Though it is becoming more and more popular, there are those who have real misconceptions about what occurs at swinging parties.

This probably isn't helped by with the fact that the media only ever seem to report swinging when is something negative has happened, or to cast aspersions about swingers character.

This is why have put together a five myths about swingers

Here goes.

1) Swingers Are Cheaters

Actually, they are not. The whole idea of swinging is that you are so comfortable in your relationship that you are both allowed to meet other people who have the same lifestyle.

There is no lying from either. That is the difference between swinging and cheating.

2) Swingers Will Likely Have STD's

To be fair, you are a damn site less likely to get an STD with a swinger than you would with any random person you may meet. The swinging community is based on safe sex, and you are not going to get any joy if you don't want to use condoms.

Swinging is fun, but it is safe.

3) Swingers Are Ugly And Overweight

Whenever you see a swinger in the press, they usually aren't the most attractive person you will ever meet. However, that stereotype couldn't be further from the truth.

Swingers are like anybody else. They can be attractive, intelligent and not at all weird.

4) Swingers Have Sex With Anyone

This is not only something that is believed by the public at large, but by many people who enter the Irish swinging world.

If you turn up to a swingers party, don't be surprised if you get knocked back by a number of people. Swingers aren't easy; they pick and choose who they want to have sex with just like anybody else.

It is a case of meeting the right person, just like in any other walk of life.

5) Men Choose To Do the Swinging - Women Just Follow

There is a belief that all women are led into swinging by men, and once there, do what their fellas tell them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When it comes to getting into swinging, sometimes it is the man who brings the idea up, and sometimes it is the woman. There is no hard and fast rule that it is always the guys decision.

Once there, the woman is in total control of who she sleeps with. No-one should tell her what is happening.

Swinging is meant to be an equal thrill for both partners, and for the most part, it is.

In Closing

We hope that helps. For many Irish swingers, this is basic. Still, if you re new to the scene then we hope it has set you mind at ease.

Swinging can be so much fun, and thankfully, our numbers are continually growing.