Five Top Reasons To Go Dogging!

Date 27th May 2016 | Views  648

If you are not familiar with what dogging is, let me tell that is something practiced by many couples, from all over the world, and it involves having sex in public, with an audience. In addition, most of the time, people from the audience are invited to have sex with the women/men while her partner is watching.

Yes, this is a kind of fetish many kinds of people have, and if you are thinking about trying this, but you are not sure about it, here are five top reasons to go dogging.

1. It's Your Fantasy

Dogging is a British English slang term that describes having public while others watch. But, the Internet clearly shows us that the "dogging craze" is not only in Ireland. People from all over the world seem to be sharing this pleasure. Some of them even travel to different places in order to do it.

So, if this is one of your fantasies, you should definitely start planning it. Since there are so many others who love dogging, it won't be difficult for you to plan a perfect, kinky night…out. All you need is courage and an Internet connection.

2. Dogging Is A Great Way to Meet For Sex

Even if you are a newbie, you can see that dogging is an extremely exciting way to have sex. Not only are you getting dirty in public, but you also meet new people and you are engaging in a risky, fun and sensual activity with them.

So, whether you are single, or in a relationship, you can try this. Besides being kinky and fun, this actually is a great way to meet people for sex, without having to search for too long. I mean, it is clear why you all gathered in a particular dogging place, isn't it?

3. It's the Ultimate Adventure for You

Meeting strangers for sex is adventurous, but meeting them and having intercourse with them in a public place is the ultimate adventure for you, and for all people who are looking for thrilling experiences.

It doesn't matter if you meet and hook up in parking lots, public parks or other places, the sensation is exhilarating. The combination of risk with ritual desire is something all people need to experience, at least once.

4. It's a Thrill for Your Relationship

Though you can go dogging by yourself, many people love doing this together with their partners. Well, this can actually add a sexual thrill to their sex lives. So why not do it?

If you really want to go dogging, you have to talk to your partner about it. Be open and put all the pros you see in this sexy activity on the table. Also, don't force things. In order to be fun, both of you should be into it!

5. Dogging is Hip…Celebrities Do It!

As mentioned, dogging is something all kinds of people, for all kinds of places, are doing. There have even been celebrities caught dogging, so why shouldn't you do it?

One of the public figures who are known for engaging in kinky activities is the former England star Stan Collymore. He has talked about his naughty encounters with strangers in car parks. According to him, he has been reading about these activities on the Internet and then visited dogging sites around 15 times. Naughty boy

Another celebrity who likes getting kinky is the actor who plays Eastenders character Phil Mitchell. According to the mother of his children, he made her join him in his dogging craze for ten years. Well, I am pretty sure she was into it, because it's quite hard to make somebody have naughty sex for so many years unless they are locked in a basement.

Anyway, the couple visited dogging car parks in London, Essex, Norfolk, Surrey, Hampshire and other interesting places in Europe.

Are You Ready to Go Dogging?

When you decide to offer yourself this special treat, talk to your partner if you have one, and then start looking for places to do it. You can go to the closest one, or use this as an excuse to go traveling too. Anyway, don't be scared, it's only kinky the first time. No, I am actually joking, because it's kinky every time. But that's the idea, isn't it?