How Tyrone Swingers Can Learn to Flirt Better

Date 1st Aug 2013 | Views  1815

Swinging is a pretty major decision and life choice for a lot of people. One of the reasons it can be so daunting is that we all share a fear of rejection. Let's face it, flirting is scary, which is precisely why so many people describe themselves as being 'flirt blind' or plain old 'bad at flirting'.However, no-one is really that bad at flirting, they just have to learn how to do it, and the surprisingly busy and vibrant Tyrone swinging community is a great place to learn just that.

Remember: People Rarely Change Their Minds

Flirting isn't some kind of mystical 'game' where if you press all the buttons in the right order sex will eventually come out of the vending slot. Chances are, especially if you're at a sex club or Tipperary swinging party, the person will already have decided whether or not they want to have sex with you. Flirting is a great way to lead up to that happening if they've decided 'yes', but it's a great way of irritating people who've done nothing to deserve it if they've decided 'no'. Accept their decision, respect their boundaries, and never try to change someone's mind with flirting.

Cure Your Flirt Blindness

You can't up your own game unless you learn how to spot other people's. Some of the key signs that someone is trying to flirt with you are as follows:

- They're making incidental physical contact with you while talking to you, like brushing past your arm or gently resting their knee alongside yours
- They laugh at all your jokes, even the terrible ones
- They seem to be mirroring their body language with yours
- They're making more eye contact with you than is completely usual, and holding it for longer periods of time

They seem to want to spend more time talking to you than to other people at the club, party, bar or venue.

Be a Decent Human Being

People don't want to have sex with schmoozing, plastic automatons. The things that are sexiest about you are also the things that are the most unique about you. This could be your weird sense of humour, your crazy party trick, or your terrible taste in music. Don't ever be afraid to use those things to your advantage when trying to flirt with someone. You should never be tempted to try and hide them, cover them up or even lie about them to make yourself seem somehow 'cooler'. This is true for Tyrone swingers, but also in the every day world.

You also need to be extremely careful to avoid not seeming at all genuine. If you come across as sleazy and far too 'smooth', everyone's going to think you're one of those disturbing PUA types with no innate social skills and no respect for people's consent boundaries. Just be yourself, whether that is funny, flawed, real, or a mix of all three or more.