Four Facts About Irish Swingers

Date 24th Sep 2015 | Views  942

Recently, some very interesting information has come out regarding Irish swingers.

Tom Hogan, who organises meet ups every Saturday night for over 30's. He is the owner of Irish dating website, and described his evenings as less 'in your face' than traditional swingers club nights, and more of an introduction to this incredibly sexy world.

"Some people have higher sex drives than others," he divulged. "Everyone involved in what we do is a consenting adult and is doing what they want to do, so nobody should have a problem with how they live their lives."

In an attempt to avoid any issues with neighbours and residents, Tom uses various hotels and other discreet locations. This will also work well for the swingers also as they are not having to boldly walk through a big front door, avoiding the knowing and not always welcoming glances of the locals.

Well, he has come up with four facts that you may or may not know when it comes to the naughty individuals who engage in our favourite activity.

Here goes.

1) Humour is cited as being the top requirement for swinging partners, with a whopping 73% saying it was their main thing.

2) 27% of Irish people were welcomed into the swinging world in a hotel, whereas on the continent, most go to clubs.

3) The Internet is huge for the Irish, with most of them likely to hook up online.

4) Irish swingers have a tendency to be around 40. However, our European counterparts a traditionally in their 20's.

So come on, did you know any of that? Be honest!

The piece of info that interests me the most has to be the sense of humour thing. I know full that when I go to swingers parties, I am obsessed about my appearance, thinking that if I don't look my best, I may not get anywhere. However, it seems that people are more interested in a sense of humour and compatibility. I always knew I was, but though I may be the exception to the rule.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!