A Few Tips on Dogging

Date 29th Jul 2013 | Views  3113

First things first, dogging is not swinging. The rules are different. It can definitely be sexy, but the fact you are outside could lead to legal problems if you do not do it right. New doggers will need to get to know the rules, and stick to them if they want to be part of the Irish dogging community.

1) Location

Location, location, location. If you go to an area where you may easily be seen, then you run the risk of having problems with the police.

If an area has received a number of complaints about dogging, the police are likely to keep a very close eye on it. Consequently it is a good idea to go to different dogging areas to prevent getting caught.

2) Signs

A stuffed dog on the front or back window of a persons car is often a good sign that they are doggers. Whilst they are engaging in sexual activity, if they roll down the windows then they are doing this to invite people to reach in and touch them.

3) Be Considerate

Always be considerate to other doggers. Don't stand in front of people blocking their view, and always clean up after yourself.

If you are not considerate to other doggers, you are unlikely to be invited back to any other dogging meeting.

We hoped that help. If you have any questions feel free to post on our Swingers.ie forums. You will most certainly get an answer there.