Hampshire Dogging Spot Closed Down

Date 20th May 2015 | Views  857

Here at Swingers.ie, we always talk about how you have to use a bit of common sense when dogging. Don't do it in places where members of the public, including children can walk past; pick up your condoms so you don't revolt people who, at a later time just want to go for a pleasant walk. It really isn't rocket science. It is a case of making sure your favourite dogging spot doesn't attract undue attention, and end up getting closed down.

However, what is also clear is that the authorities can also get involved when they really don't need to. This was in evidence over in England this week, where one of the nations favourite dogging spots was closed down.

Timber Kerbs

Hampshire council have had timber kerbs placed to stop dogging activity on the A31 near Alresford.

This all came after residents complained that the area was being used for dogging, with singles and couples venturing into nearby woods, after first parking in the lay-by.

Councillor Sean Woodward of Hampshire City Council stated there had been problems in that area with 'anti-social behavior' for a while.

'Hampshire County Council working with the police and Winchester City Council, have responded to requests for restrictions on the use of the lay-by, resulting in its closure.

'The road has been physically narrowed to limit its use to a service road for accessing local properties only and is no longer suitable for stopping and parking. Early indication shows that this measure has been a success, but we will continue to monitor the situation.'

Really, I just don't get this. As long as doggers aren't making it too obvious, what is the problem? I may not be a dogger myself (always preferred swinging to be fair) but if I saw a load of cars in a lay-by, and knew they were off doing whatever in the woods, I really wouldn't care. If it was right in front of my three children when we were out having a stroll, then yes, I would be pissed off, but if people are just keeping themselves to themselves, who really has the right to complain? This just seems a case of the locals acting with a sense of 'moral outrage', and the council acting in a way that makes them popular come election time.

I just hope that the doggers of Hampshire are able to find another dogging venue where they can have their outdoor fun. It really isn't pleasant when people start getting involved in things that really don't concern them.

Still Best to be Careful

However, should we really be surprised? I am inundated with Irish swingers complaining about the attitude of the locals near their dogging spots. They ask 'what is the point in taking all these precautions, when it may get closed down anyway?'

Well, I can actually see the point there. However, the authorities are far less likely to get involved if there isn't any 'real' harm being done. That is not to say they won't, just that is is far less likely.

So keep taking precautions to make yourself less obvious, and the balance of probabilities will likely be in your favour.

Still, some people really do piss me off.