Hosting Your First Swingers Party!

Date 2nd Sep 2016 | Views  448

Hosting Your First Swingers Party!

If you are here, then you will already know that swinging is a lot of fun. Visiting swingers clubs is great, especially for those of you new to the world, but when you get invited to a swingers party it is even better. It feels as though you have made it, that you are now accepted into this kinky world. Over time, you might decide that you want to host your first swingers party.

It might seem like an easy idea. You might even think that you know about all of the preparations you need to make. However, hosting your first swingers party is a lot more complicated than you might think, which is why we have a great guide for you. Use our guide to help you figure out what you need to do to host an amazing party, and see what you can do to make it as easy for yourself as possible.

Should you host a swingers party?
Swinging is a huge world. You get to meet so many different people and make new friends, all because you have one sexy interest in common. Whether you are new to the world of swinging or you have been a part of it for many years, you'll know that fellow swingers are some of the best friends that you could ever make.

So it is only natural that you would want to throw your first swingers party for them to show just how much you appreciate them. You want to have lots of fun with people, and give your friends the chance to meet other friends for kinky hook-ups.

However, if you plan to host a swingers party, you need to make sure that you have experience under your belt. For a start, you might encounter situations at the party that you are not used to. You might also find that some people do not wish to attend as you don't have the necessary experience they deem necessary for everyone to have a great time. Take the time first to get to know others and make your faces known.

When and where?
Choosing the date and location can be really difficult. Many find that a Saturday evening is the best to go for, but talk to other swingers to find out when they are available. This can really help to ensure that the people on your guest list can actually attend.

Then you need to choose the location. If you are sure that you will not be disturbed, and are comfortable with the idea, you could host from home. However, you might choose to instead rent a hotel suite specifically for your party. Wherever you choose, make sure it is a discreet location.

When you have chosen a date, time, and location, make sure you send the invitations to it out at least a month in advance. Don't just wait until the week before and expect everyone to be free. The chances are that they have already got plans. The sooner you can send out the invitations, the better! It increases the chances of people coming and being able to arrange things for the day.

The guest list and rules
There is the temptation, when planning your first swingers party, to simply invite every swinger you know. While it would definitely ensure you have the numbers, you'll find that this might not be a good idea for a number of reasons.

What if certain swingers don't get along? When thinking of your guests, try to invite those that you believe will click. Otherwise you might end up with a lot of arguments to deal with. Make sure there are a few fresh faces in there too to spice things up. It is also worth over-inviting, if you can. No matter how much people might say that they want to come, sometimes life gets in the way. Things might come up, and so it is always worth inviting more just in case of last-minute cancellations.

It is also a good idea to establish the rules before people arrive. Things like no photographs and video might go without saying, but you may have a few rules of your own. Make sure these rules are clear when you send out the invitations, as it will prevent any misunderstandings and upset that may occur.

Music, food, and drink
This is where hosting your first swingers party can become expensive. You want to make sure you have some good music in the background, not too loud, to help set the mood. There are a number of different websites and apps where you can create your own playlist, such as Spotify and Apple Music, so take a look on these sites and try to play a playlist in advance. It is one thing that you won't have to worry about on the night once it is done.

It is worth providing some food for guests. If you feel like cooking a few nibbles, feel free, but you might find that it works out easier and cheaper for you to buy in. You can buy party food from a number of locations without breaking the bank, and it will mean a lot less preparation for you.

As for drinks, people tend to have their own rules on these. Make sure you have a lot of bottled water around, but it is up to you whether alcohol is there. If you don't want to buy loads of alcohol for the party, make sure the guests know that it is a bring your own beer event. Otherwise you'll have a lot of disappointed people to deal with!

Preparing the play areas
You'll have certain areas in your home set up for playing. These areas will need a few things to keep things flowing. Make sure you have a lot of condoms to have, with a different variety of types for them to use. You'll also want things like individual sachets of lube. A large bottle might seem like a good idea, but the smaller packets tend to be much more hygienic. Try to ensure there are a few clean towels to hand so that people can clean themselves up. Moist towelettes and wipes are also a good idea, as people can freshen up while the bathroom is in use.

On to the bathroom. You should have your toilet paper out, so that guests can see it. The last thing they want to do is go looking through cupboards to try and find it. And make sure you have plenty! Tissues, feminine hygiene products, and painkillers are also a good idea, in case of emergency. You might even want to have some mouthwash and perfume on hand in case others wish to freshen up a little more.

Not everyone likes the idea of being out in the open for sex, so make sure some of the play areas are more discreet. If there are any areas you don't wish people to go into, simply tell them as they arrive or put a sign on the door. Your guests will respect your wishes if there are plenty of places to play.

Meet and greet
As the host, you will need to be there to entertain guests as they arrive. Try to introduce yourself to each guests when they arrive. Tell them that you are glad they could make it, and then direct them to the important areas. This might be the play rooms, the bathrooms, or even the room for storing their things.

Make sure that they have everything that they need, such as water or somewhere to sit. You want your guests to feel welcome and relaxed, not as though they are imposing on you.

Got some couples you think would get along well? Introduce them. Spotted a couple who don't seem happy? Talk to them and try to include them in a conversation. Mingling is a huge part of hosting your first swingers party.

After your first party you'll find that you have learned a lot. Take these experiences to make the next one even better, and you'll find that you have as much fun as your guests.