How not to get caught dogging

Date 12th Feb 2016 | Views  1096

Dogging is a lot of fun. You get to meet new people, explore their bodies, and learn a lot about sex and your own turn ons while you do it. You throw yourself into it, and because dogging is a bit of a taboo, it is even kinkier to try it. That said, sometimes you might find that the spot you have chosen for your dogging session isn't as private as you wanted, and so people can turn up and ruin the fun. So just how do you find a discreet dogging spot?

Many of the spots that you know of now tend to have a lot of heavy traffic there. It might be the police hoping to find some doggers, some reporters keen to get the story for the newspaper, or even just people eager to show off their cars and race them along the roads. It seems almost like the more discreet dogging spots are being taken for other things, so what can you do to find a discreet dogging spot and how do you keep your chosen spot private?

Postings on internet forums

Internet forums are a great way to find fellows doggers to talk to and meet up with, and using them is a fantastic way to get tips and tricks from those in the know. However, when it comes to dogging, you should be cautious about the locations you pick up from internet forums.

Yes, the chances are that the person sharing this information about the perfect dogging spot is genuine. However, there is the chance that it could be someone posting the location to try and attract doggers for their own amusement, rather than because they are actually interested in dogging.

The best way to check if the poster is genuine is to first look at the website. Is it a forum where you don't even have to create an account to post? Some forums allow guests to post threads, and if the forum you are looking at is like that for the dogging locations, you should be cautious of locations used in guest posts.

You can also check the number of posts the user has. If they have a high number, they are more likely to be a genuine person, eager to find and share a discreet dogging location with others like them. If they only have a handful of posts, approach the destination with caution.

Using forums to get more information

It might be that you have what you think is the perfect discreet dogging location in mind, but you want to check out whether that is really the case. Sometimes, it is one that you have visited a while ago and want to check it is up to scratch, or it might be another one that you have recently discovered but haven't had the confidence to try yourself.

This is another area where forums can really help. The best forums won't allow people to view the site without logging in first, which ensures only the genuine doggers can get on there to talk about locations. It means you can also share warnings about the locations that might be compromised and discuss the new ones in detail.

This is a lot more convenient than spending some time at the spot in your car, sitting, watching, and waiting for something to happen. It also gives you the chance to talk to others and maybe even discover some great alternative locations that you didn't even know about.

Not drawing attention to the spot

Using the internet to learn more about the spot is a great way to find out what kind of people pass through there. If it is off the beaten track and so few pass by there, you might just have the perfect location!

However, sometimes your behaviour can draw attention to it. We know that you don't mean to do it, but sometimes you will be so eager and excited to get there and get started that you end up alerting others to what you are up to.

First of all, don't sit there in your car, looking at every single person that arrives at the spot like you're waiting for something. You may think you're being subtle, but often people will notice the fact that you seem to be looking for someone arriving, and that tells them all they need to know about what it is you are getting up to.

When the fun does start, make sure you look out for each other. If you see someone there is acting a little suspiciously and is making you feel uncomfortable, talk to others you trust about it. It might be that this spot isn't for you anymore, and so you can always find a new spot. By being subtle when looking for locations, you can actually prevent your favourite dogging spot being closed down.

Why choosing a discreet dogging spot is so important

We enjoy dogging because you get to know other people in a more intimate way, and you get the thrill of having others watching you and what you're up to. That said, having other doggers watching and random people watching are two completely different things, and that is just one of the reasons that it is so important to find a discreet dogging spot.

Also, you don't want to get in trouble with the police and get the spot closed down. If you talk about it in public areas (such as open forums), be aware that you might be telling the police everything they need to know about the area and when doggers will be there. Be cautious how you are sharing the information and you'll be able to keep things much quieter, private, and more discreet.

Got some other tips for not drawing attention to yourself in a dogging spot, or perhaps you know some great discreet locations you want to share with others? The swingers forum is the perfect place to go, or you could simply share your thoughts in the comment box below.