How Not to Get Emotionally Attached When Swinging

Date 22nd Aug 2014 | Views  1236

I received a really interesting email this week from a potential new Irish swinger this week regarding emotional attachment. He said he enjoyed the idea of swinging but like most people, he wasn't a robot and was worried that he may get a bit too close to another person he sleeps with.

I thought to myself that this was a really good point. We always talk about swinging being something fun because you don't get emotionally attached, but we aren't a special breed of people who can flick a switch and just act in a purely sexual manner.

This is why has put together a simple guide on how not to get emotionally attached. We hope it comes in useful.

1) Don't Stick To One Couple

If you only ever go with one couple, then it goes away from swinging to more of a regular sexual encounter with an individual. Swinging is meeting many different people in the shared experience of sex. It isn't about using it to get get your fix of another person.

Variety is the spice of life. Make sure you keep that variety.

2) Make Sure Your Relationship is Strong

Before you start swinging you have to work out why you want to do it in the first place. If things are awful at home and you are feeling no connection with your partner then you may be looking for something that isn't conducive to a good swinging life.

Swinging isn't something you should be doing to find a connection with someone else. You should be happy to enjoy the experience, then go back to your partner and the relationship be stronger than ever.

If your relationship is weak then steer clear of swinging and work on getting things better at home

3) Remember You Aren't The Only One

Very rarely do Swingers stick to one person. Therefore, the moment you start to think that you have something special with another swinger, remember that they will be seeing someone else another time.

There is no special relationship or exclusivity. If you start to think like that, walk away.

4)Do Other Things With Your Partner

You need to make sure that swinging isn't the only thing you have in common with your partner. Do other things which signify you are a couple.

If the whole week is spent waiting to go swinging then you are more likely to start having feelings for someone else.

Going Forward

Remember, you are a couple and swinging is only one part of that. As soon as it becomes the sole reason for your relationship, then you are in line to find emotional attachment elsewhere.

Swinging is a lot of fun, but it can become a total mess if you get too emotionally involved.

Remember to stick to these rules and you should be fine.