The Evolution of Swinging - How Swinging has Changed

Date 13th May 2016 | Views  581

Swinging isn't anything new. People have been enjoying it for hundreds of years, even if it didn't officially become known as swinging for a long time. The swinging evolution is a long one, but in recent years, this fun sexual practice has changed a lot.

Want to know just how much this kinky bit of fun has changed? Here on the Swingers blog we take a look at the swinging evolution and show you just how much it has changed throughout the years.

Enjoying multiple sexual partners

Swinging is basically when couples get together to enjoy each other's company in a sexual way, often swapping partners so that they can try something new.

Often, it is referred to simply as wife swapping, where couples get together, swap wives, and leave it at that. However, it has become even more popular in recent years, with some couples choosing to meet up and have sex in the same place so that they can see their partners getting fucked by someone else.

It is incredibly kinky and a huge turn on for many, but this isn't really anything new. In fact, swinging has been around for many years, ranging back in history for a long time, and this time has helped to shape swinging as we know it today.

The history of swinging

Swinging has always been a way of trying out new things in the bedroom with new sexual partners, and it wasn't that uncommon for people to try it throughout the years. Nobility and royalty of many different cultures saw it as a way of connecting with others.

When you think back over the years to when swinging first started, many instantly think of Ancient Rome. The Romans were known for their unusual sexual practices and the kinky things that they would do. Orgies and the like weren't so controversial back then.

However, it took a while for swinging to catch on, and many believe that it only became a popular thing to do in the 1960s. The 60s became known as the swinging sixties, as there was a freer attitude to sex. People didn't want to restrict themselves to just one partner, and if they were in an open or non-monogamous relationship, this was the perfect time to have some fun without cheating on your partner. After all, they got to have their fun too!

Before the internet

Before the internet came around, swinging wasn't as main stream as it is now. If you were interested in swinging, you would have to hope that your neighbours and friends would talk to you about it so that you could create your own little swinging community. Word of mouth was a big thing for many, but obviously, not very subtle.

However, contact magazines were the main way for you to get in contact with others. You would have to write an introductory letter to send in to the magazine, telling them a little about yourself, and you would then have to wait to see if anyone was interested. This, as you can imagine, would take a long time, and you could be waiting for a reply forever.

There were also a number of small swingers clubs around that you could join, but they were usually so discreet and private about what went on behind closed doors that a lot of people didn't actually realise what it was. If you did know, you'd have to pay a fee to join, but then you could have all the fun you needed.

The internet changed swinging

The swinging evolution means that those days of writing letters are long gone now. Swinging has changed a lot over the years, and one of the main reasons for that is the internet. The internet meant that you could get an instant reply to a query, instead of waiting for weeks and weeks for a letter that may or may not ever come.

Websites like Swingers mean that you can sign up and start talking to others like you. In no time at all you can learn about the etiquette of swinging, the dos and don'ts, and the different things that you need to know before you get started.

You can talk to others like you, who are eager to have a little unconventional fun. You can get to know different couples, flirt with them a little, and see if you click. If you do, you can arrange a date. The best thing is that this can all happen over the course of an evening, instead of months exchanging letters.

The swinging evolution

The internet has done a lot for many different areas of life, but swinging is most definitely one of those areas that had changed for the better. The swinging evolution means that it is even easier to find like-minded couples and get involved in a community keen to have their cake and eat it, with a little help from others.

Swinging used to be hidden away from the spotlight, and thought of as something only the kinkiest of individuals would do. Now it has become something that a lot of couples want to try.

Are you a seasoned swinger with great memories of how swinging used to be? Do you think that swinging has changed for the better? Tell us about your old swinging tales by using the comment box below.