How To Act at a Swingers Club!

Date 16th Dec 2016 | Views  501

I remember the first time I entered a swingers club. I have to say, it was bloody confusing. I had no idea how to act, what was too pushy, what wasn't. I can confirm it was a disaster. Sadly back then, there wasn't an internet, so there wasn't any guidelines to help me out. Thankfully, things have changed, and we are here to help.

So, for anyone who has never been to a swingers club, but fancies it, here are some do's and don'ts on how to behave when you are there. I am sure it will come in useful for you. I only wish I had a copy 30 years ago!

Do Have Fun

Remember, it is normal to get shy, but this is a fun, no pressure environment. Relax and enjoy yourself.

Do Have Good Hygiene

No-one will want to swing with you if you smell. So have a good wash, brush your teeth, and yes, groom downstairs!

Do Allow The Woman To Approach New Couples

This is a major one. If a guy goes over to a new couple, it can be threatening for the woman, and challenging for the man. So allow the woman to do it as it creates a more relaxing environment.

Do Find Out What Kind Of Swinging the Other Couple Does

There is nothing worse that getting into a situation with another couple, and then finding that your idea of swinging is different to theirs. Therefore it is an idea to find out in advance of going to a room what they like, and work out then if you are compatible. It will be much better for everyone.

And here is what you really shouldn't do.

Don't Have High Expectations

Finding a couple to have sex with is never going to be that easy. Not everyone is compatible. There will be plenty of times that you go to a swingers club, but end up going home to jerk off instead. You have to accept that. If you want guaranteed sex, go to a brothel. Swinging is different.

Don't Be Shy

Well, you know what I mean. Most people will be shy, but this is meant to be fun. If someone comes up talking to you, relax and take it as a compliment. If you clam up, people are likely to get the wrong impression.

Don't Pester Once Someone Has Said No

Once someone has said no, then you have to accept that. It is nothing personal, and everyone has that right. The worst thing you can ever do is keep going on at them, expecting them to change their mind. Not only will you annoy them, you will gain a bad reputation in the club. So don't do it.

Don't Try Fetish Stuff

Swingers clubs are traditionally vanilla in nature, so normal sex is what will be going on here. If you want to go to a fetish club, there are plenty of them, but you should find out about them on the internet, and then go there. As the old saying goes, it's horses for course, and these horses like vanilla sex.

So there we go. There will be other stuff you learn through experience, but as long as you stick to these do's and don'ts, you should be fine.

What else can I say? Enjoy yourself!