How To Approach Your First Swinging Experience

Date 18th Mar 2016 | Views  654

So, you have pillow-talked to your partner about the idea of wife-swapping. Your companion thinks that it's a nice idea to get kinky with other couples, which enables you to have more sexual adventures with each other.

Furthermore, you and your sexy partner want to begin your brand new lifestyle with a bang, by going to an elusive and seductive swingers party. That is great; that's fantastic!

But what could be stopping you from placing your first step into the world of swinging? Is it the potential people that you'd meet? Is it the cold feet you'd experience? Or is it the fact that you have no idea what to do?

Whatever your reason would be, there is no need to fret! This article would give you a couple of useful tips on how to approach your first swingers party, which will make all of your worries and apprehension go away!

How to get started

After your pillow talk about getting into the steamy swingers lifestyle, you should have another discussion about what is acceptable and what isn't. Your companion may be alright with you eating another wife's pussy out, but she wouldn't feel comfortable with you sliding your dick inside her. You may be alright with your partner sucking another man's cock, but you would feel uncomfortable if she started to ride him like a cowgirl.

Therefore, the first thing that you have to do is set a couple of boundaries before you start doing anything practical. Once you've got your swinging rules written down…mentally…the next thing that you need to cross off your list is how you're going to proceed with the swinging.

Now, at the beginning stages of your swinging lifestyle, the internet is your friend. There are plenty of swinging websites, such as this one, that promotes events that may intrigue you to go to some of their steamy, saucy, sex parties!

If there is a party that you're interested to go to, it's always good to contact the host and ask them what the rules are. You've already established your rules, so you have to abide by the host's policy; nobody wants to have a party pooper at their sex gig! Of course, every club would have different rules, but one rule that must always be followed is that you always use protection. For this case, condoms.

All of the swingers parties vary, depending on which club you and your partner would go to, but if there is one thing that they'd all have in common, it is the fact that swingers parties are not orgy parties…more like mini-orgy parties. A swingers club would have multiple rooms that you can go into with another couple, which would also be accompanied with a bar area where you can drink and chat to other couples before and after your kinky m©nage-a-quatre.

Most of the swingers clubs do understand that they get a lot of newbies entering their clubs; you'd probably end up standing outside of the main entrance where you'd be thinking:

'Fuck! What am I doing here? This is crazy!'

Therefore, a bar is always available for you and your companion to go to when you need a little bit of Dutch courage!
It's just like any other party…

What's the best way to get the party going? Talking, of course! You don't have to start engaging with another couple with a line like:

'Hey! I wanna fuck your wife! Let's go to the other room where you can shag mine!'

If you want to know, that's a good way for getting the word 'swingers idiot' tattooed on your forehead.

When I say that you should talk to other couples, I mean that you should talk to other people in order to break the ice. Sometimes, I would imagine that I'm just at any other house party with my friends, where I'd see a cute guy that I'd like to 'get to know' and then I start chatting to him.

I can imagine being in a room that is filled with red balloons, punch bowls and a big stereo playing whatever electronic music kids listen to these days. Come to think about it, a swingers party is like a regular party with the chance of going to bed with another couple involved. Furthermore, when you're interacting with new couples, just think of them as mutual friends that your host would be introducing you and your companion to!

While keeping your boundaries intact is vital, it is also important that you keep your mind open which would allow you to experience sexual fantasies that you may have had at the back of your mind. In fact, it may let you create new desires that you've never even thought about before!

If there's one thing that you have to do at wife-swapping parties, it would be to smile and relax. These kinds of parties are created for you and your partner to have fun with other different people! I can assure you that with all of the tips that I've written in this article for you to jot mental notes on, your first swingers party, or swingers experience overall, would be something that you will never want to forget!