Ibiza Swingers Fined for Sex In Moving Car, But Not For The Sex....

Date 14th Aug 2014 | Views  1102

Six Swiss holiday makers who were engaged in an orgy in a moving car were busted by police in Ibiza and fined. However, you won't ever guess what the police did them for!

The three couples were pulled over by police who were having a clampdown on drink driving on the holiday island.

Hilariously though, instead of being charged with public indecency, the swingers were hit with fines totalling €200 (£160) each for not wearing seat belts in the vehicle!

The group, who were described as being half naked, were given a 50% discount on what would have been their fine because they paid it on the spot (after they had put their clothes on of course)

Safe Sex

A spokesman for the police in Ibiza said that while having sex in a car is not illegal, not wearing seat belts in a moving vehicle is in fact a criminal offence.

Well we all know that us swingers like having a bit of fun. Our way of life is what keeps our sex lives exciting. But my god, having sex in a moving vehicle is pretty dangerous, especially without a seat belt. Doesn't everyone know that swingers always engage in safe sex?

On the flipside, Ibiza does sound like it is full of wild and crazy people. I may be 36, but i really am thinking of spending a week over there!