Brits Behind Europe in Swinging Stakes

Date 19th Aug 2015 | Views  396

There was fascinating research released this week, with it being announced that the British are far less likely to engage in swinging than our European counterparts.

Not only that, they are more likely to get involved when they are 45 on average, which is ten years older than other European nations. This was all done as part of a poll of 3,000 swingers.

In a rather interesting finding, 95% said they were in a long-term relationships. Of that number, only 10% said it had negatively affected their partnerships.

Most swingers keep their swinging private, with six in ten not admitting they were swingers to anyone, and only four percent saying they would tell a family member.

Sixty percent of female swingers say they are bisexual. However, only 17% of men say they are that way inclined.

Teaching Reality

Julian Woolley, marketing manager for Spice Lanzarote, said: "The object of our survey is to demystify a massive sector of Europe.

"To the uninitiated it seems hidden and underground, a dark, secret and sordid twilight world. However the reality is somewhat different. In Europe it is more representative of the mindset that ushered in the sexual revolutions of the 20s and 60s.

"The reality is that an honest relationship today is one where couples can discuss their sexual fantasies with their partner. From then the boundary is a blurred one, between the ones that experiment further and those that don't.

"This survey provides some insight into the millions of people that do, possibly your neighbours, colleagues, local business owners, teachers, civil servants, lawyers, waiters, close friends and the person standing next to you right now."

Fun For Everyone

This is what we have been saying for ages. When you are a swinger you can come from any walk of life and from any social status. The public have this idea that we are all dodgy swines . This couldn't be further from the truth.

Still, it is obvious that Britain needs to catch up with our European counterparts. Maybe due to our naturally stuffy nature we haven't quite embraced free love as quickly as they have, but there is time.

Whatever happens, everyone here at will make any new swinger feel right at home!