Doggers - Never Leave Your Shit in Public Areas!

Date 1st Apr 2016 | Views  594

Guys and girls, it's a thrilling experience to have when you're wandering around a place where kinky exhibitionists encounter and get freaky. It's better when you get to visit these places again and again; to have more fantastic dogging experiences with strangers who share the same interest in the fetish as you do. However, since dogging involves getting fingered or fucked in public places, it's not cool to leave all of your shit behind where general walkers would find your used condoms lying on the grass.

No one wants to see a used rubber in the park

If I found a used condom lying in the middle of a grass field while I'm walking with my friend or with a dog, I wouldn't be able to eat anything for the rest of the day. It's the truth! Not everybody wants to see your bodily fluids hanging around public areas like fucking murals on the street walls.

Believe it or not, public places are called 'public places' for a reason. You do get people who don't have sex in open areas who want to discover and explore a lovely area where they can chat, not fuck, but chat with other strangers there.

If I enter a nice garden that is filled with colourful flowers and beautiful trees, I would like to spend my time gazing at them or take pictures of them. The last kind of photograph that I would want to take is of a gorgeous flower bed that is covered in spunk, condoms, knickers and socks. Seriously, the amount of socks that I've seen in a park is too much for me to bear!

Furthermore, it's not just the sight of used dogging assortments that put people off from entering that area, it's the disrespect that comes with those assortments too. What if a lovely family wants to have a picnic to a park; a green space where the parents want their children to fall in love with, and then they find a worn out rubber next to their sandwiches. Again, it's not cool, doggers!

Public spaces are created in communities so that everyone can use them, not just exhibitionists and voyeurs. Furthermore, you cannot underestimate the power of legal authorities. When I say legal authorities, I mean the policemen.

Don't be put on lockdown

If a policeman suspects for a single moment that a public area, like a green space or a car park, is a hidden dogging stop, then he or she would put that spot on lockdown where it will get surveyed 24/7. Maybe I was exaggerating then, but there is the possibility of that happening when you don't clean up whatever mess you've possibly creating while you're banging another stranger on the river banks.

Not only would that ruin your kinky fun in the future, but other people's dogging adventures too. Imagine someone who wanted to get into dogging was told about a public place where all of the naughty exhibitionists and voyeurs go to, only to turn up to the area and see policemen walking around with a sign which would clearly be aimed at doggers.

I remember a saying that an old friend has told me many years ago, those words were:

'Don't piss on my chips. If you do, I will piss on you.'

If I am a budding dogger that wants to experience the thrill of having sex in a public area, but can't because some asshole cannot be bothered to throw his used condoms in the bin, I would definitely piss on him. I'm not sure if I would ever do that in my future life, but I would definitely be pissed off…let's stop talking about piss here.

What I am trying to say

The point of the matter is that dogging is an experience that everyone who wants to participate in the fetish should enjoy. The last thing that an exhibitionist or a voyeur would want to struggle with is finding an ideal location where they can encounter other strangers that they want to share their kinky passion with.

If someone is going to be lazy and not take care of their dogging spot, then that person and others will only face consequences from the local community and the legal authorities. I need to also remind you guys that it's not just about getting caught, it's about not showing respect to other people who use the area as a mean of leisure.

If you're a landlord and you're renting out a flat to a person who would completely destroy it and not give a fuck, wouldn't you be furious? I'm just going to leave this article hear for you to be aware and considered of the communities and authorities who don't think about dogging the same way as you do.

Furthermore, if I were to have sex in a lovely green park, I would definitely be put off by the sensation of spunk oozing out from a used condom and onto my back if I'd accidentally lie down on one. Doggers, exhibitionists, voyeurs, kinky people…don't leave your shit in public areas.