Swinger Fireman in Major Trouble

Date 29th Sep 2017 | Views  352

A few months ago we brought you an article about the fallout from a picture that had been posted on a swingers website. It featured a woman having sex in the front of a fire engine, while one of her breasts was being fondled by a man who was presumably behind her. (we only ever saw the hand) Needless to say, the fire service were less than impressed and launched an investigation to find out who it was so they could fire him.

Well, it seems that they may well have their man. Fireman Wes Gerrard, 33, has been suspended after he admitted inviting women back to the station for sex. However, he denies that he was the swinger pictured, so either he is lying, or this is the craziest fire station known to man.

When confronted at his mother's home in Swinton, Gtr Manchester, Gerrard denied he was the man in the picture. He added: “No, I'll be contacting work, but no.”

An Unsubtle Profile

His swingers ad claims he is “athletic” and seeking women aged 18 to 60 for “adult parties, blindfolds, dogging and group sex”.
The profile photo showed a rear view of a man in full firefighting gear.

However, he claims that he never followed through on the adverts, and that it had been all talk.

A spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “We continue to investigate the circumstances of an incident that appeared in the national media in June.

“A full report will be prepared at the conclusion of the investigation.”

Keep Your Personal and Swinging Life Separate

Obviously we will not get involved in the nitty-gritty over whether he was the swinger in question, but it does go to show the danger of mixing business and pleasure. Lots of people don't like swinging, and if you get exposed as a swinger, there may be repercussions. If you seem to be swinging in work premises, you are likely to get fired.

It may be a good idea to swing away from your own local area, so you don't randomly meet people who you know in the real world; that is up to the individual. But there does need to be a separation between your personal and swinging life.

I suspect this fellow is getting sacked, and that will end his firefighting career. It is sad that swinging is still frowned upon so much, but by doing it stupidly, you can bring things crashing down on yourself.

Just don't be that person.