Irish Swingers Glossary

Date 4th Jun 2013 | Views  2584

Irish Swingers Glossary

So you have come to to investigate or join the world of Irish swinging. You are entering a fun filled world of fun, friendship and lots of sex. What isn't there to love? The excitement is just about to begin. But before you do, you may need to brush up on a bit of that Irish swinging terminology.

The world of swinging has a number of different phrases not really used in everyday conversation. For people new to the scene it can be very intimidating. That is why we have created a glossary to help you through the swinging terminology.

AC/DC : Not the rock band. This term is used by swingers for someone who is bi-sexual.

B and D : This stands for bondage and discipline which involves the practice of physical and psychological restraint.

BDSM : Bondage, discipline and sadomasochism. This adds the pleasure/pain aspect to the proceedings.

Back door : This is a slang term used by Irish swingers for anal sex.

Closed swinging : This is where partners swap, but have sex in separate rooms.

Discipline : These are disciplinary actions which cause arousal. These range from mild spankings to full on beatings. One for the more 'extreme' Irish swingers.

DP : This stands for double penetration during sex. Usually this is where a woman has one penis in her anus and one in her vagina.

Exhibitionism : This is a term used to describe someone's desire to show off their private parts in public or semi-public areas.

Fetish : This refers to sexual arousal through affection to parts of the body, or the use of objects, such as feet, leather or fingers.

French : A slang term for oral sex by swingers all over Ireland and the world.

Greek : A slang term used in Ireland by swingers for anal sex.

Hedonist : Someone who lives their life only for pleasure. Definitely a way to describe the Irish swinging community.

Off Premise : These are events where sexual activity is prohibited at the party. This means that if you want to have sexual intercourse then you will need to go elsewhere (hotel, home, ect).

On Premise : These are events where sexual intercourse is allowed at the party in designated areas. There are also 'safe rooms' where sexual activity cannot take place.

Open swinging : This term is used when couples are allowed to swap partners and have sex in the same room and sometimes even in the same bed.

Parties : These events have group swinging with more than one couple. Private rooms can be used for sex, but all swingers are under the same roof.

Roman Orgies : This is where there is unrestrained sexual activity in the same room (This is different to a 'party')

Sadomasochism : More commonly known as S and M, this is the act of giving and/or recieving pleasure from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain and/or humiliation.

Safe : This refers to a male with a vasectomy or a female with a hysterectomy whereby pregnancy cannot occur. Not usually recommended by swingers in Ireland who practice safe sex.

Social : This kind of event is organised by Irish swingers as a way of getting to know fellow swingers. They can take place in a pub or a restaurant, and are often followed by a party.

Soft Swing : This refers to couples, often new to the scene, that wish to watch others have sex or where sex is limited to those two people.

Swapping : Another well used term meaning the exchanging of partners between consenting couples.

Swinger : This is when an individual, by themselves or as part of a couple, engages in recreational sex with other willing couples.

Swinging : This is where two or more couples agree to get together to engage in intimate, sexual activity with a partner or partners other than their own.

Swinger Lifestyle : This is the lifestyle which swingers enter when they start 'swinging.' After becoming a swinger in Ireland you will certainly become part of the lifestyle.

Voyeurs / Voyeurism : A term used by swingers everywhere which refers to observing others engaged in sexual activity, such as the act of undressing, or sexual exhibitions.

Water sports : One for the kinkier swinger! This is a form of sexual activity where one individual urinates on another. There are no taboo's in Irish swinging, just ask.

There are lots of other words used in the Irish swinging community. If you have any others please let us know and we can add it to our swinging glossary.

Now let the fun begin!