Irish Swinging Etiquette

Date 4th Jun 2013 | Views  12800

Irish Swinging Etiquette

So you are thinking of joining the Irish swinging scene? The world that awaits you is a fun filled existence full of meeting new, likeminded people who enjoy the same sexual desires that you do.

However, you will undoubtedly have a number of questions before you venture into the swinging world of the Emerald Isle. What is the swinging etiquette in Ireland? Well, here at, we have created a guide which can help you through those first meetings, when understandably; you may feel a little strange.

First's things first, check out what kind of swinging you would like to do. There are so many different types of swinging so make sure you read our guide to swinging in Ireland to help make sure you join the right scene.

There are couples that like to be in the same room, couples who like to be in different rooms, couples who liked to be watched during sex, plus many other types. Also our swinging glossary can help you with with some of the language that is used, some of which you may or may not be familiar with.

While you should always be friendly with other swingers, try not to be too pushy. People have the right to choose who they have sex with and this is true in the Irish swinging scene also. If you get rejected, so be it. Don't let it affect your confidence. Take it in good grace and stay friendly. As one swinging door closes, another one opens.

Just try and act normally, like you would in normal social gatherings. If you do that, you can have a lot of fun as an 'Irish swinger'.

Below are some rules you should always try to follow if you want to make the most out of the Irish swinging scene. We hope they help you out!

Join the Conversation
You may well be nervous, but join the conversation. Let them know who you are and let them know you are new to the scene. Most swingers will be happy to answer any questions you have got. This will immediately make you feel part of the group.

Talk to your Partner
You may want to join the swinging scene of Ireland, but you may well be nervous about the concept of your partner going off with somebody else. Don't worry, this is normal! Let them know, this will give them a chance to re-assure you. You will probably find that they feel the same way!

Be Respectful
Most people there will be as nervous as you are. This is a lifestyle full of insecurities and uncertainties. Just show other swingers the respect that you would want to be treated with yourself.

Be Friendly
You may not personally want to engage in sexual activity with someone, but remain friendly. You may actually get on in other ways, and they could introduce you to someone you do want to swing with. Remember, the 'Irish swinging community' is just that, a community. Make a good name for yourself. Good behaviour can open many doors, bad behaviour can close them.

Be Prepared
Take whatever you may need in an overnight bag. This could include sexy lingerie, sex games, and condoms.

Be Clean
Nothing will turn someone off you more effectively than a lack of cleanliness or bad breath. Wash before you leave home, and freshen up when you reach your destination.

Respect Others Feelings
Try and make sure that everyone is happy at the swinging party, including your partner. If it is not working out for someone and they look uncomfortable, stay respectful, but alert the host.

Don't be Pushy
If you want to swing with somebody, ask in a polite respectful way. If they are interested in you also, they will respond with a "yes". If the answer is "No thanks", do not ask for a reason behind the rejection. Everyone has the right to refuse when swinging in Ireland or anywhere else. Always remember that.

Only Do What Is Fun for You
Do whatever you want with whoever you want. You have engaged in the Irish swinging scene to enjoy yourself. Do not allow yourself to get involved in sexual activity with someone you are not interested in, or a scene you are not comfortable with.

How and Why to Say No
This is one of the main questions you may have. You can say no for absolutely any reason, but if you handle the situation badly you can cause a lot of upset or bad feelings. The swinging scene acknowledges the right of everyone to say "No thanks", so never give a reason. It is the reason that causes the upset.

Alcohol or Drugs
You will find that most of the swinging scene in Ireland doesn't use drugs, and only have a few drinks socially. Getting drunk will harm your chances of engaging in a 'swing'. If you have to get drunk to actually go through with the 'swing', then maybe this lifestyle isn't for you.

Practice Safer Sex
We all know what can go wrong when you don't practice safe sex. You run the risk of contracting Syphilis, AIDS, VD, even getting pregnant. So make sure you use a condom. Our guide on sexual health for swingers in Ireland should help put your mind at ease.

Have Fun
You have joined the Irish swinging community to have fun, so make sure you do. Enjoy your meetings with likeminded people who have the same sexual desires that you have. The world is yours!

We hope that this guide has helped. If you have any more questions about the Irish swinging scene, feel free to post on our message boards. I am sure you will find an answer there.