Irish Swinging Parties

Date 30th May 2013 | Views  3641

A Guide for Swinger Parties

When it comes to an Irish swinging party, there are a number of things you need to be aware of.

Whether you are staging the party, or are just a guest, it is always an idea to be prepared. Going to a swinger party unprepared can be a total disaster.

As a Host
As a host it is always an idea to provide condoms. This reduces the chance of unprotected sex going on during your swinger party. Make sure you bring enough brands for everyone's personal taste.

Remember also to bring condoms for yourself. You could spend more time thinking of other swingers than yourself!

It is also a good idea to provide food and beverages for your guests. Alcohol is good to relax with, but no-one wants someone getting too drunk so be mindful of this when you are getting drink in.

Set the scene with a selection of soft music and maybe even candles and incense burning. Possibly have a variety of sexually orientated games available to lighten the mood.

As a Guest
Make sure you know the specifics of the party and what to expect from the other swingers. Make sure you are clean and well groomed. Remember all the things you may need (toothpaste, sexy clothing, condoms ect).

Be prepared physically and mentally but above all relax and make sure you enjoy this amazing experience.

For more hints, tips and advice be sure to visit our swingers forum where our friendly community are always on hand to help.